How to Test AMP Pages in Google AMP Cache

After you switched your Magento 2 AMP Extension to production mode, it takes about a week for your AMP pages to be stored in Google AMP Cache.

The following tool allows you to do final testing after you have validated all AMP pages. You can check how real users can see and interact with your AMP pages when they come from the Google Search Results. It is necessary to test your pages as they are located in a different domain (Google Cache), and some functionality that deals with cross-domain requests can have some issues.

How to Get Your AMP Cache URL

Open your AMP page in Google Cache by changing your URL into the AMP Cache URL format. Please enter your AMP page URL into the field below, and you will instantly get the converted URL.

We recommend checking all forms, AMP lists, and other dynamic elements for any issues. In addition, you can use our Troubleshooting articles or contact us if you need some help.

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