Magento 2 AMP v3.x Uninstalling

Here you will learn how to easily remove Magento 2 AMP via Composer.

In order to remove your Magento 2 AMP extension via the Composer, open the console (SSH terminal) and follow commands:

1. In the terminal, switch to your Magento 2 root directory using the command:


where “FULL_PATH_TO_YOUR_MAGENTO2” is the path to your Magento 2 folder on your server.

2. Remove the extension and the theme metapackages from the composer:

composer remove plumrocket/amp-theme-one plumrocket/module-pramp --no-update

3. Uninstall the extension and the theme:

php bin/magento module:uninstall Plumrocket_Amp Plumrocket_AmpAdminUi Plumrocket_AmpApi Plumrocket_AmpFrontendUi Plumrocket_AmpBundle Plumrocket_AmpCatalog Plumrocket_AmpCatalogSearch Plumrocket_AmpCheckout Plumrocket_AmpCms Plumrocket_AmpConfigurableProduct Plumrocket_AmpCustomer Plumrocket_AmpDownloadable Plumrocket_AmpGroupedProduct Plumrocket_AmpLayeredNavigation Plumrocket_AmpNewsletter Plumrocket_AmpPageCache Plumrocket_AmpReview Plumrocket_AmpSearch Plumrocket_AmpSwatches Plumrocket_AmpTheme Plumrocket_AmpWidget Plumrocket_AmpWishlist Plumrocket_AmpGiftCard Plumrocket_AmpComponent Plumrocket_AmpIntegrations Plumrocket_AmpReCaptcha Plumrocket_AmpRichSnippets Plumrocket_AmpWebP Plumrocket_AmpThemeOne Plumrocket_AmpMsrp Plumrocket_AmpThirdPartiesCompatibility Plumrocket_AmpCookie

At this point, Magento 2 AMP extension and AMP Theme One have been successfully removed from your server.

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