Magento 2 Shipping & Fulfillment Extensions

Everyone will agree that customer satisfaction and the shopping experience are a top priority in any eCommerce business. Find your Magento 2 shipping extension or order fulfillment solution from our range of extensions to upgrade your store functionality. Our tools are designed to improve the day-to-day workflow for admins and upgrade every aspect of the shipping and order management process to increase efficiency, customer experience, and loyalty.
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Automate Routine Tasks

Plumrocket's Magento 2 Shipping and Order Fulfillment extensions excel at automating routine tasks, freeing up valuable time and resources for merchants to focus on other aspects of their business.

Auto Invoice & Shipment extension automates the generation of invoices and shipment processing, eliminating the need for manual intervention. By automatically generating invoices and shipping orders as soon as they are placed, merchants can accelerate order processing and ensure timely fulfillment without the risk of errors.

Provide Transparency

Transparency is key to building trust and confidence in the online shopping experience. Plumrocket's extensions enhance transparency by providing customers with clear and accurate information throughout the purchasing process.

Estimated Delivery Date: By displaying estimated delivery dates during the checkout process, customers can make informed decisions about their purchases and manage their expectations regarding when they will receive their orders. Our Magento 2 order fulfillment extensions reduce uncertainty and improve customer satisfaction.

Returns and Exchanges (RMA): Offering a streamlined process for returns and exchanges enhances transparency by providing customers with clear guidelines and procedures for handling returns. This fosters trust and loyalty by demonstrating the merchant's commitment to customer satisfaction.

Order Status & Shipping Tracking: Providing customers with real-time updates on the status of their orders and shipping information enhances transparency by keeping customers informed every step of the way. Easily accessible shipping information right from your Magento 2 store reduces customer inquiries and support tickets while building trust and confidence in the purchasing process.

GeoIP Lookup: Automatically detecting a customer's location based on their IP address enables merchants to further develop website functionality and provide personalized shopping experiences tailored to each customer's region. From displaying prices in the local currency to offering region-specific promotions, this transparency enhances the overall shopping experience and increases conversion rates.