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Magento AMP Development Service assists you in designing the AMP versions of your website pages, optimizing their performance, and developing custom functionality to reach phenomenal speed and Core Web Vitals score. As a result, you will drive more mobile traffic and increase conversion rates on your Magento store.

  • Get high-quality Magento AMP development and greatly improve your online store performance

  • Enjoy a new AMP theme with design and functionality similar to your main store

  • AMP Development Service takes over all the hassle of custom Magento development and performance optimization

Overview of Magento AMP Development Service

Expecting quick access to the information, users tend to abandon the page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Slow page load directly affects your Google page ranking, thus conversion rates and your revenue. Even a second can steer your customers away and affect your business. Since eCommerce strives to keep users engaged and deliver a smooth shopping experience, merchants must leap forward to stay ahead of their competitors.

To that end, AMP technology is an essential aspect for your Magento store that makes it load faster and leads to better engagement and usability. With instant page load, your visitors are enticed to stay longer on your Magento website, resulting in a significant decrease in bounce rates. At Plumrocket, we work dedicatedly to help you grow quickly and efficiently with our AMP Development Service.

Our team of experienced developers will design AMP pages for your website, applying the best practices from the recent Google “page experience” requirements. We are ready to tackle the most complex AMP custom development to deliver high-performing, top-ranked on the SERP and fast website pages.

First to develop amp extension


Our team has been developing AMP pages since Google launched AMP back in 2016. Over the years, our AMP extension for Magento 2 is constantly updated in order to remain the best AMP plugin for many merchants.

Official google amp partners


Plumrocket AMP module has been reviewed and approved by the Google team and has become an official tool for the Magento 2 eCommerce platform.

INSTALLED ON 5000+ Magento Stores

INSTALLED ON 5000+ Magento Stores

More than 5000 satisfied merchants chose Plumrocket AMP Extension to power their websites with AMP technology.

the most popular on the web


Positive reviews on Magento Marketplace and Plumrocket store, as well as the most comprehensive feature set - all this makes our AMP plugin competitive and the most popular on the web.

13 years in business


We are among the first companies in the world to start developing Magento extensions. Since inception, our extensions are installed on 150K+ stores.

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How AMP Development Service Works

Below are the steps the Plumrocket team performs under the AMP Development Service:

The Plumrocket development team works on every project in close collaboration in order to deliver the highest quality service and long-term results. Our project managers, front-end & back-end developers, UX designers, and QA experts do their utmost to make your AMP pages engaging and profitable.

Magento 2 AMP Development Service Steps

  1. Website & Magento Theme Research

    Our experienced development team conducts initial research of your website: reviews the front end, checks your existing Magento theme for interactive features, as well as analyzes the existing functionality.

  2. Planning

    We discuss with you all the details as well as future functionality that can be adapted to the AMP theme. Also, we inform you what modules and third-party services can be transferred to AMP technology.

  3. AMP Migration

    If you are already using the Magento AMP extension by Plumrocket, our development team helps you migrate from v2 to v3. The new version of the extension is redesigned from scratch and provides completely new features and design solutions. The upgrade process requires an experienced team of professionals to keep all the functionality from your previous version of the AMP site.

    Additionally, we can handle the migration of AMP pages from other vendors’ AMP extensions. We are confident that the Plumrocket AMP extension delivers the best solutions for your AMP pages that no other vendor can offer.

  4. AMP Installation & Compatibility Fixes

    Based on the AMP extension by Plumrocket, we help you integrate AMP technology into your Magento website. After the installation, we investigate and solve compatibility issues of the AMP theme with other Magento extensions you are currently using. As a result, the AMP extension works properly, and the initial valid AMP version of the website is created.

  5. AMP Theme Development

    We develop an AMP theme based on your Magento theme design, making the look and feel of your AMP pages match the desktop ones. We build a beautiful, engaging, and innovative AMP theme, still allowing you to achieve the highest level of performance.

    AMP Theme frontend development includes creating a layout, templates, designing icons, and other graphics. All in all, we customize the look of the Header, Footer, Homepage, Category Page, and Product Page considering your website’s main theme design so that visitors won’t be confused when landing on your AMP site.

  6. Custom Functionality Development

    Plumrocket AMP development team strives to replicate your website features and custom functionality on AMP pages. Various sliders, banners, widgets, or other third-party code you currently use can be developed and smoothly integrated into your AMP theme.

  7. Service Integration

    Our developers bring the best AMP capabilities with integrations that enhance and improve the functionality of your website. We configure and integrate chat, statistics, and many other services and tools you use in your Magento store.

  8. AMP Website Optimization

    Reach up to 95 points in Core Web Vitals by further optimizing your AMP pages since Core Web Vitals is a major ranking signal in Google search results. We enable CDN, optimize images, javascript, and much more to keep your AMP website running fast and smoothly on every mobile device, as well as rank high in Google SERP.

  9. Gradual Integration & Testing

    We control the deployment of the AMP theme and gradually release your AMP pages live. The AMP pages will be monitored via Google Search Console to deliver the best user experience and highest performance possible.

  10. Support & Maintenance

    The Plumrocket team maintains and supports your AMP site after its release to ensure that AMP pages are always reliable and relevant to your business needs. This also includes the development of new functionality added to your website and its smooth integration to the AMP version.

With AMP Development Service by Plumrocket, you get:

Proficient Solutions

Proficient Solutions

All development, optimization, and integration of AMP pages are carried out by experienced developers and experts in this field, offering you the most innovative solutions in accordance with the latest SEO ranking factors.

Value for Money

Value for Money

Our AMP development service is available at competitive rates, and at the same time, delivers an industry-leading level of service quality.



We design AMP pages keeping your website’s look and feel, and aim to reproduce your custom functionality to the full extent so that AMP pages are full-fledged and visual-driven.

Keeping pace with the latest SEO ranking factors and AMP abilities, Plumrocket Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Development Service provides you with a newly-designed Magento 2 AMP Extension, which comes with plenty of new features and options. Our development team will help you install it, fully optimize AMP page performance, add custom design elements, styles, as well as develop custom functionality in accordance with your business needs.

The AMP v3 extension includes an AMP theme, which is visually appealing and can be modified to best reproduce the design and functionality of your own Magento theme. The AMP theme allows you to create and edit AMP pages in minutes with ready-to-use and fully customizable templates.

6 Compelling Reasons to Get AMP From Plumrocket

Since users crave a better mobile experience, the eCommerce sector is witnessing a paramount shift with AMP. Being one of the first AMP for Magento integrators and having years of experience behind us, we can provide you with strong reasons that will entice you to switch to AMP and take advantage of all the features it provides.

Lightning-fast AMP Pages

Lightning-fast AMP Pages

By avoiding resource-heavy elements and images, our experienced AMP developers design super-lightweight and thus fast-loaded pages. We help you retain customers, providing a smooth shopping journey, as well as boost conversion rates and sales.

Appealing AMP Theme

Appealing AMP Theme

Your AMP pages are based on a beautiful AMP theme, designed and customized to fit your main Magento theme. AMP by Plumrocket makes the content visually-driven and impacts the conversion rate positively.

Improved Performance

Improved Performance

Striving to meet page experience ranking signals from Google, we optimize your AMP page performance to achieve the highest score in Core Web Vitals. Being a major ranking factor in Google search results, it helps you drive more mobile traffic.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile Friendly

We create first-rate mobile solutions for your business. AMP pages are developed to be accessible from all mobile devices that cover more than half of the customers across the digital world.

SEO Optimization

SEO Optimization

Our developers further customize AMP pages by adding rich snippets, CDN, minimizing custom javascript, and implementing other tools to create SEO-optimized content. All images, videos, and graphics can be included in AMP pages without affecting the page load speed.



Our AMP developers improve your overall website’s efficiency to help your business scale and succeed.

We have experienced the limitations of the technology and have come up with creative solutions to achieve what seems beyond the limits at first.

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