Best Free Magento 2 Extensions

Explore our selection of the best free Magento 2 extensions - valuable tools to enhance your store at absolutely no cost. The modules are designed to empower merchants with essential features and functionalities to optimize their online business.
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Magento 2 Free extensions by Plumrocket offer two significant benefits for your ecommerce store. Firstly, you can enhance the functionality of your Magento 2 store at no cost and familiarize yourself with our code. Secondly, most of our free extensions also have a Pro version, offering additional features and functionality. You can start with the Free version and upgrade to the Pro version if you find it suitable.

Features you can get with Magento 2 free extensions by Plumrocket

We provide our clients with the opportunity to incorporate the most requested and commonly used features into their eCommerce sites for free. This allows you to kickstart building your store and enjoy the advantages of eCommerce. Here’s a list of the features available with our free extensions for Magento 2:

Implement Twitter & Facebook login. These are the most popular social login networks users utilize to register on various stores and systems. By enabling social login, you can significantly boost the number of registered customers on your store, increasing the likelihood of converting them into loyal customers.

Add order tracking functionality. Customers are more inclined to make purchases on your site if they can track their orders. This enhances transparency in the buyer-seller relationship and fosters customer trust. Moreover, you save valuable time by reducing the need to respond to support tickets regarding package status - customers can conveniently track their orders in real-time, anytime.

Improve site navigation and product filtering. Clear and efficient navigation is crucial for any eCommerce store. Many sites lose customers due to confusing product searches - avoid this pitfall. Enhance your site navigation for free with our Layered Navigation extension. It allows you to create custom filter lists, select multiple attribute values simultaneously, improve price filtering with a user-friendly slider, display image swatches, and much more.

Optimize website speed. Our Lazy Load extension significantly accelerates your site by delaying the loading of off-screen images until users scroll down to them. Additionally, you can prioritize the loading of top images so users can instantly view page content. By employing these techniques, you optimize resource loading, improve the Core Web Vitals score, and positively impact site ranking and SEO.

Enhance site security. This crucial functionality enhances admin workflow and strengthens overall security measures on your store. With CSP reports functionality, you receive notifications of any policy violations and minimize vulnerability risks. This proactive approach helps address issues and prevent data injection attacks, ensuring a secure online shopping experience for your customers.

Free Magento 2 extensions are always up-to-date

As with all our free and premium Magento extensions, we regularly release updates to ensure compatibility with the latest Magento versions. Rest assured, you will always receive the highest quality and support.