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Reach incredible performance with innovative Hyvä themes

Breathe new life into your website with Hyvä - a revolutionary theme for your Magento 2 storefront that provides unparalleled performance and a perfect 100/100 score out of the box. We help you transform your store into a lightning-fast and user-friendly online destination, resulting in greater search engine visibility and conversion growth.
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What Makes Hyvä Stand Out

Fast & easy development

Fast & easy development

Due to fewer lightweight dependencies, modular and component-based structure, and simplified JS development, Hyvä themes are more simple to develop. Therefore, Hyvä themes are easier to maintain, which saves you your business time and money.
Passes Google Core Web Vitals

Passes Google Core Web Vitals

Out of the box, Hyvä reaches a 100/100 Google PageSpeed score, which makes it the fastest-performing frontend theme in the market. This leads to increased organic traffic, conversion rates, and stronger SEO rankings.
Ultralight architecture

Ultralight architecture

Hyvä stands out with its plain architecture. It uses only two dependencies (TailwindCSS and AlpineJS) compared to over 6 in Luma. Following these newest technologies and the minimum of lightweight libraries, it leads to fewer potential conflicts and bugs.
Step-by-step launch

Step-by-step launch

Hyvä theme is built within the native Adobe Magento fallback mechanism and can be developed alongside your currently installed theme. Therefore, you can launch Hyvä gradually, template by template. This approach allows you to avoid downtimes, minimize costs, and ensure uninterrupted sales on your website.
Plumrocket is Official Hyvä Partner

Plumrocket is Official Hyvä Partner

We are proud to be an official Hyvä partner, which shows our great commitment to delivering high-quality and reliable Hyvä themes for Magento 2 stores. We meet Hyvä's strict standards of excellence in design and development to provide an ultra-fast Magento frontend.
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Hire Us for Expert Hyvä Theme Development WHAT WE OFFER:

Develop New Websites with Hyvä Themes
Develop New Websites with Hyvä Themes

Develop New Websites with Hyvä Themes

We develop cutting-edge websites from scratch based on Hyvä themes, tailoring the design and functionality to your specific business needs. We ensure your new website is lightning-fast and stands out from the competition.
Upgrade Existing Websites with Hyvä Themes
Upgrade Existing Websites with Hyvä Themes

Upgrade Existing Websites with Hyvä Themes

Our skilled developers will upgrade your current website with innovative and fast Hyvä technologies to boost speed and user experience. We integrate the Hyvä theme gradually, page by page, ensuring a seamless transition without interrupting sales.
Hyvä Compatibility for Magento 2 Extensions
Hyvä Compatibility for Magento 2 Extensions

Hyvä Compatibility for Magento 2 Extensions

We take care of your existing Magento 2 extensions and optimize them to ensure full integration with Hyvä. In some cases, we offer alternative plugins already compatible with Hyvä to save valuable time and reduce costs during the transition.

Hyvä Theme Performance Optimization

Although Hyvä offers 100 performance score out of the box, some plugins and design tweaks may significantly affect speed. Our experts carefully optimize every aspect of your Hyvä Theme to ensure lightning-fast speed and smooth navigation.

Website Support & Maintenance

Our dedicated team of Hyvä developers will handle any technical issues, updates, and improvements your Hyvä-powered website may require. Make sure your website runs flawlessly at all times with our practive approach.
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Need Custom Hyvä Development Solution?

Feel free to tell us your unique requirements that go beyond standard Hyvä offerings. From custom theme design to unique functionalities, we deliver personalized and high-performing Hyvä-based solution that sets your business apart.
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Why Choose Plumrocket For Magento Hyvä Theme Development

Customized frontend
Customized frontend We implement the Hyvä theme templates and carefully perform all design tweaks to make sure your Magento storefront looks just as you want without sacrificing performance.
Seamless integration
Seamless integration Our team of expert Hyvä theme developers will ensure smooth and gradual theme integration, optimizing your custom functionality and extensions to be compatible with Hyvä.
Expert knowledge
Expert knowledge Having extensive knowledge and experience with Magento, we have been successfully developing Hyvä themes, significantly increasing page speed and overall website experience.
Zero Downtime & No Data Loss
Zero Downtime & No Data Loss All processes are handled smoothly, not interrupting the normal flow of your business. We guarantee that your sales will not be affected, as well as data will be backed-up and protected.
Security We’ll make sure your website is fast, stable, and secure. This can be proven by numerous positive reviews and thousands of satisfied clients.
Top-Notch Support
Top-Notch Support Trust us to keep your website up-to-date and secure. We provide full ongoing support and maintenance so you can focus on running your business.

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Hyvä theme is a modern and high-performance frontend solution designed to enhance the default Magento storefront. Its reduced complexity and plain structure improve the user experience, performance, and development workflow of Magento-based websites while providing a smooth user experience and improving SEO rankings.
Consider switching to the Hyvä theme if you need to improve performance and loading times, enhance user experience, and get a modern frontend approach for your Magento store. However, you should first consult with Magento Hyvä professionals to assess the complexity and scope of the individual project. Contact our expert team to help you determine if this solution would be cost-effective for your specific website.

To install the Hyvä theme in Magento 2, follow these steps:

  1. Purchase a Hyvä theme license from their official website.
  2. Download the Hyvä theme package.
  3. Transfer theme files to app/design/frontend directory.
  4. Apply the theme in Magento Admin Panel under Content > Design > Configuration.
  5. Deploy static content and clear cache using commands: php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy
    php bin/magento cache:clean
  6. Verify the installation by checking your storefront.

Remember to always back up your store before making significant changes or installations.

Yes, you can use your Magento 2 extensions with the Hyvä theme. However, compatibility may vary based on the extension type:

  • Frontend extensions: Some extensions might require additional compatibility adjustments to function seamlessly with the Hyvä theme. Contact the extension vendor to verify Hyvä compatibility. Here’s the list of Hyvä-compatible extensions from Plumrocket.
  • Admin extensions: Admin-focused extensions typically work smoothly with Hyvä and may not need additional compatibility adjustments.

If your extensions aren't compatible with Hyvä, our development team can help you, ensuring optimal performance within the Hyvä-theme environment.