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Magento Speed Optimization Service

Accelerate your business growth with a fast, reliable, and user-friendly online store
We can help you overcome the technical challenges of speed optimization to ensure that your website loads quickly, resulting in increased customer engagement and retention, higher conversion rates, SEO rankings, and ultimately, business growth.
Magento Speed Optimization Service
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Get High Website Speed with Proven Results

Magento performance optimization takes a lot of effort, but it’s a worthwhile investment in your eCommerce business. Check out trusted research on how world-renowned e-commerce corporations are benefiting from a boost in Core Web Vitals score.

  • Rakuten reports a

    33.13% higher conversion rate

    in a result of optimizing Google Core Web Vitals and other speed metrics.

  • The Economic Times

    reduced bounce rate by 43%

    across the website and significantly improved the reading experience.

  • High page speed is

    #1 Google ranking factor

    after relevant, high-quality and optimized content.

Don't let slow loading times hinder your success
Take the first step towards a faster, more efficient website.
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One-Stop Optimization Solution for Unique Business Needs
  • Server fine-tuning Server fine-tuning

    Having a well-optimized server is key to your website’s performance. We audit your server plan and fine-tune its settings to ensure the fastest possible load times for your website under high traffic volume.

  • Database optimization Database optimization

    We improve the database accessibility and query response time by configuring MySQL. We take into account your server specifications, the number of visitors, and products to ensure optimal speed.

  • Cache configuration Cache configuration

    To speed up the display of your product, category, and CMS pages, we employ the Varnish cache and warmer extension. We also configure Magento cache for efficient block caching, ensuring faster page rendering and preventing server overload.

  • Web Vitals improvement Web Vitals improvement

    We use the best practices to optimize Core Web Vitals (LCP, FID, CLS) and other important Web Vitals. These are important metrics Google uses to asses user experience on your website, which directly affects how site ranks on the search results.

  • Code optimization Code optimization

    Our experts will analyze, refactor, and update your custom and third-party code that slows down your website performance. With the implementation of high-quality code, your site's speed and overall user experience will significantly improve.

  • Third-party extensions optimization Third-party extensions optimization

    We review the list of extensions installed on your Magento store, removing unused ones and optimizing or replacing modules that cause significant performance slowdowns.

  • CDN configuration CDN configuration

    Based on your needs, we select and set up the most suitable Content Delivery Network (CDN) service to speed up the loading of static content and ensure users have a seamless shopping experience.

  • Image optimization Image optimization

    By implementing the best image optimization approaches (such as WebP, preload, lazy load, proper image sizing, etc.), we can significantly improve the loading speed and efficiency of your content-heavy pages.

  • HTML, CSS, JS minification HTML, CSS, JS minification

    Use browser-optimized HTML and CSS files that are smaller in size and therefore load faster. Moreover, we implement our own JS bundling technique that minifies JS and loads only necessary JS files in the most efficient way.

We use the best techniques for lightning-fast page speed
  • HTTP/2 website speed-up
  • WebP images implementation
  • Custom PHP code review and optimization
  • Enabling gZip compression
  • Image preload and lazy load implementation
  • Remove/Replace JS
  • Magento mode setup
  • Applying Advanced JS bundling
  • Moving JS to the footer
  • Magento version upgrade (along with PHP and MySQL version)
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) setup
  • Database tables and Magento logs clean-up
  • Remove/Replace unused modules
  • Varnish HTTP Cache installation and configuration
  • Analyzing and reconfiguring cron schedules
  • Magento block cache optimization
  • Varnish FPC Warm-Up Extension for Magento 2 installation & configuration
  • HTML, CSS, JS minification
  • Redis installation and configuration
  • MySQL server tuning
  • Image payload reduction
  • Stress test with Siege tool
  • RabbitMQ installation and configuration
Get FREE Magento Performance Audit
Let us show you what we can do before getting started!

We will conduct a thorough analysis of your Magento store performance and provide you with a custom-tailored comprehensive report outlining any issues, suggestions, and solutions for improvement.

Contact us today if you wish to receive a FREE Magento performance review & server diagnostics report prior to purchasing our Magento speed optimization service. Get valuable tips from our speed optimization experts to help you choose the right direction for Magento performance optimization.

Get FREE Magento Performance Audit
Implement the Hyvä theme into your Magento 2 Store
Implement the Hyvä theme into your Magento 2 Store

Take benefit of the Hyvä theme offering lightning-fast performance and user experience with a lightweight and responsive storefront. Let us take you through every step and simplify your eCommerce journey.

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Our Magento 2 Speed Optimization Steps:
  • Website Audit

    We thoroughly analyze your website performance and test it with different tools, browsers and devices. As a result, you get a detailed report outlining all bottlenecks and issues that cause store performance slow-down, and describing recommended actions for improvement.

  • Plan Development

    We communicate with you tirelessly to make sure the provided action plan meets your needs and requirements. Finally, we discuss the estimated project timeline, budget, and pricing models, taking into account all specifications.

  • Optimization Implementation

    Step by step, our dedicated development team performs Magento 2 speed optimization using the best practices, constantly monitoring intermediate results and informing you of any updates.

  • Quality Assurance

    We do final testing and provide you with a detailed optimization report, making sure that your website's performance meets all the page experience criteria. Rest assured that our developers will monitor and fix any issues that may arise after deploying the changes.

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    Must Have

    Should have done this years ago. As soon as I saw the improvement on the first website, I immediately ordered again for our second website. Well worth it, big speed increase. Support is great. Plumrocket knows what they are doing when it comes to Magento.

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    Great Magento developers and support team!

    Thank you guys, I just can’t stand sharing what a great service you did.
    We optimized our clothes store containing around 50k items with this Magento service. We are glad that we bought the professional one, even though we were hesitating a lot. It made our website 20 TIMES faster. It is definitely worth of money we spent. Our clients are satisfied and we are glad to provide them with a quick service. Couldn’t be happier.

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    Just got much better!!!

    Absolutely the best solution. I've tried so many other solutions and finally came across this plan and it is so much faster than any other solutions that I've tried. Website got definitely much faster, great feedback from the tech support!!! Highly recommend optimisation from this company, the tech support is very knowledgeable, efficient and friendly!!

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An extra fee you have to consider in the Magneto 1 to Magento 2 Migration Service is the purchase of the Magento 2 theme and extensions you need. You should also be aware that the total cost is calculated on the project basis, depending on the amount of data to be migrated, number of custom extensions installed, extent of customizations, etc. Additionally, you will have to spend from $22,000 annually on Magento Enterprise edition if you don’t choose the free Magento Community.
Every Magento website is unique, so are the Migration projects. The time needed for the migration depends on the number of factors, including the amount of data, custom extensions, customizations, etc that are to be migrated. However, your old store will continue to be up and running while the experts perform the migration.
Plumrocket is your all-in-one Magento solution that provides all spectrum of services, including post-migration support. Please check our Magento Services page or contact us for more information.
You can stay on your Magento 1 store after its end of life in June 2020, but you should be aware of all the risks and consequences. First of all, it stopped receiving security patches and important updates, becoming extremely vulnerable to hacker attacks. This includes the fact that you cannot be able to accept credit card payments due to being no longer eligible for PCI Compliance. Not to mention that you don’t get the appropriate technical assistance for your store, innovations, and much more.