Magento Speed Optimization Service

Magento Speed Optimization Service

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Price: $349.00

Magento speed optimization service boosts your magento website speed significantly, as well as enhance search rankings, conversion rates, and magento performance. It allows to reduce operational costs, increase user engagement as well as improve magento speed test results.

  • Speed up Magento by optimizing your store code and server software

  • Pick the most suitable speed optimization plan

  • Get the team of professionals working on your website

Overview of Magento Speed Optimization Service

If your Magento speed is low, then you have come to the right place. As you probably know, Magento performance depends on many factors, but the most important are Magento optimized hosting and Magento cache. At Plumrocket, we have designed a 3-level magento performance optimization service that will help you speed up your Magento site to meet the current requirements. The 3 plans we offer allow you to choose the type of Magento speed optimization you feel is suitable for your particular business and budget. The only goal we set here is to help your business succeed.

Choose your
Magento Speed Optimization Plan
Ideal for low traffic sites
Ideal for moderate
traffic sites
Ideal for heavy
traffic sites
Choose your
Magento Speed Optimization Plan
Speed test with Siege tool Include Include Include
Merge and cache CSS and JS Include Include Include
Magento Flat Catalog, Magento Compiler, Magento Cache setup Include Include Include
Apache .htaccess or Nginx virtual host optimization Include Include Include
PHP tuning and configuration Include Include Include
MySQL server tuning Include Include Include
Database tables and magento logs clean-up Include Include Include
Content Delivery Network (CDN) setup Include Include Include
HTML Minify Include Include Include
Software installation and setup (Apache + APC opcode cache + Redis or Memcache) /or/ (Nginx + PHP-FPM + APC opcode cache + Redis or Memcache) Exclude Include Include
Webserver resource monitoring tool installation Exclude Include Include
Dedicated Database Server setup Exclude Include Include
SSL installation and magento configuration Exclude Include Include
Magento cache storage and session cache storage relocation Exclude Include Include
Magento block cache optimization Exclude Include Include
Image lazy load implementation Exclude Include Include
New Linux server installation with web hosting panel Exclude Exclude Include
Varnish HTTP accelerator installation and Turpentine extension setup Exclude Exclude Include
Magento store code modification to support Varnish cache and Turpentine cache policies Exclude Exclude Include
Varnish cache warm-up tool installation Exclude Exclude Include
Percona MySQL Server Installation Exclude Exclude Include
Full Speed Optimization Report with final results and recommendations Include Include Include
Upgrade to PHP 7 *
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Why Do You Need to upgrade to PHP7 and How Does PHP 7 Affects Performance of Magento?

PHP7 is almost as twice as fast as PHP5. However, default Magento 1.x installation does not support PHP7 out of the box. In addition to that, majority of third party magento 1.x extensions are not compatible with PHP7 as well. Different magento stores will require different amount of development to adapt and migrate the code to support PHP7. Please contact our tech support to receive your custom quote.

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Improve Core Web Vitals (CWV) (?) (request a quote) Exclude Exclude Exclude
Average Page Speed Improvement *
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Our tests showed following average page speed improvements per plan, "Startup": 30% faster (comparing with default magento installation), "Premium": 330% faster and "Professional": 1100% faster page load speed.

Please note that all numbers are approximate and may vary depending on your server hardware, geo location and your previous magento store setup. Please see our magento performance speed testing results for more information about how "average page speed improvement" was calculated.

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Did you know that page load speed impacts your site SEO and according to Google algorithms, slow websites will be displayed lower in search results? Moreover, recent study proves that website speed influences your conversion rates. For more information and speed optimization testing please see links below:

We recommend you to test your magento site using and tools before ordering our services. These tests will help you better understand your website speed and choose proper magento optimization service plan. Please do not hesitate to ask our support if you have any questions.

Contact us Today if you wish to receive FREE Magento Performance Review & Server Diagnostics Report prior to purchasing any of the Magento speed optimization packages above. Get valuable tips from our Speed Optimization Experts to help you choose your perfect Magento Speed Optimization Service Plan.

* Please note that all "Average Page Speed Improvement" numbers are approximate and may vary depending on your server hardware, geo location and your current magento store setup. Please see our magento performance speed testing results for more information about how “average page speed improvement” was calculated.

Client may choose not to perform any number of the suggested procedures from each plan, however this will not change the plan price. Additionally, not all the procedures can be performed on all web servers. For instance, “Dedicated Database Server setup” requires separate db server to be purchased by client. SSL installation is not required as it is not helping to optimize the server but is still provided as part of “Premium” and “Professional” plans. Client must not change the site source code on the optimized server while Plumrocket Inc performs optimization service as this may influence the final results.

Only one magento instance and one web server can be optimized with Startup speed optimization plans. Premium and Professional plans are limited to one domain / one web server only. Please contact our tech support for custom quote if you need to optimize more than one magento / domain / webserver / database server.