Magento Affiliate Programs v1.x Criteo Affiliate Program Configuration

Managing Criteo in Magento

In this article, you will learn how to create and configure the Criteo Affiliate Program in the Magento Affiliate Programs extension. Please follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Step-by-Step action:

  1. In your Magento Backend please go to “Plumrocket” in the main menu.
  2. From the list of extensions select “Affiliate Programs” Magento Affiliate Extension.
  3. Click on “Manage Affiliate Programs”.
Manage aff programs

Step-by-Step action:

  1. Press on “Add New Affiliate Program”.

Step-by-Step action:

  1. Select “Criteo”.
  2. Press “Continue” button.
1 affiliate programs by plumrocket criteo

Configuring Criteo Network in Magento

Once you created the Affiliate by Criteo Affiliate Program, you will need to configure it. Please follow the step-by step instructions below.

Step-by-Step action:

  1. Name: allows you to set the name of your Affiliate Program.
  2. Status: allows to enable or disable your Affiliate Program.
  3. Store View: allows you to select the Storeview(s) where your Affiliate Program will be executed.
2 affiliate programs by plumrocket criteo

Step-by-Step action:

  1. “Criteo Partner ID”: allows you to indicate the “Criteo Partner ID” of your Affiliate Network. This information must be provided by Criteo Affiliate Network.
  2. Click “Save” button to save your settings.
3 affiliate programs by plumrocket criteo

Important Information:

How to test if your Affiliate Program is installed properly? Please follow the instructions below.

Testing Criteo in Magento

Step-by-Step action:

  1. Create a test order at your Magento Frontend and proceed to Order Success page.
  2. Using your browser’s Developer Tool (“F12” key on your keyboard) open search bar (“Ctrl+F” keys on your keyboard) and look for the Conversion Tag (Pixel) which contains
  3. Your Conversion Tag (Pixel) will appear.
4 affiliate programs by plumrocket criteo

Once you locate the Conversion Tag (Pixel) – this means that your Criteo Affiliate Program has been set up correctly. Now log into your account at and verify that your transactions are being tracked correctly.

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