Magento 2 Layered Navigation & Product Filter Extension

version 4.2.0 (May 02, 2022)

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Price: $149.00
  • CE: 2.3.x - 2.4.4
    EE: 2.3.x - 2.4.4
  • 100%
    Open Code
  • 60 Days
    Refund Policy
  • Free
    Lifetime Updates

The Magento 2 Layered Navigation provides customers with faster and more convenient product filtering, powered by AJAX technology. Your website users will get instant results without reloading the page when filtering products and selecting filter attributes.

  • Guide users straight to products they are looking for with improved layered navigation for Magento 2 and customizable options support

  • Filter products without refreshing the page

  • Choose between vertical & horizontal layered navigation

  • CE: 2.3.x - 2.4.4
    EE: 2.3.x - 2.4.4
  • 100%
    Open Code
  • 60 Days
    Refund Policy
  • Free
    Lifetime Updates
Product Details
Version: 4.2.0 (May 02, 2022)
Documentation: User Guide
Live Demo: View
Code Visibility: 100% Open Code
Supported CE - EE: CE 2.3.x - 2.4.4
EE 2.3.x - 2.4.4
License: Single Magento Installation
Support Plan: 3 Months (Free),
6 Months, 12 Months
Refund Policy: 60 Days (View)
Updates: Free Lifetime Updates

Key Features of Magento 2 Layered Navigation & Product Filter Extension

Magento 2 Product Filter extension will save your customers time by sorting product collections according to selected criteria. Your customers will be able to filter products by attributes like color, price range, manufacturer, size, rating, stock status, or any other attribute or customizable option.

Additionally, the Magento 2 ajax filter is designed to refresh the product list without reloading the category page. It works fast with very large databases and can be displayed in the top toolbar (horizontal layered navigation) or left sidebar (vertical layered navigation).

Finally, admins will appreciate the handy drag & drop interface to arrange product filter attributes and customizable options. With our Magento product filter extension installed on your store, your customers will enjoy easy and fast product searches, resulting in higher conversions and sales.

Supercharge Your Website with Magento 2 AJAX Filter

Supercharge Your Website with Magento 2 AJAX Filter
Enhance your website with Magento 2 Ajax layered navigation, which will greatly speed up the product filtering and search, as well as improve the shopping experience and increase sales.
Ajax Navigation allows customers to filter products and instantly get the results every time a new filter option is selected, without page reloading or delays.
The Ajax technology is also used to instantly display the results when sorting products, navigating through pages, and changing the product listing mode.

Provide Rich & Easy Layered Navigation

Enhance Your Filtering Functionality

Designed for Both Large & Small Magento 2 Databases

Vertical & Horizontal Navigation
icon settings The extension has been tested under heavy page load on stores with large databases. The results showed excellent performance with both small and large product databases with or without.
icon server A new filtering algorithm was tested on databases with 80,000+ products, 1200+ products on a single page, and 60+ pages of pagination.

Easily Configure Filters Display

Increase Website Visibility with SEO-Optimized Pages

Increase Website Visibility with SEO-Optimized Pages
Boost your website visibility in search engine results with short and keyword-rich URLs, optimized for SEO.
Advanced SEO settings allow you to prevent robots from indexing filter results pages and thus avoid duplicate content.
Dynamically generate unique meta titles and page headings based on selected filter options.

Use Additional Filters to Speed Up Product Search

Overview of Magento 2 Layered Navigation & Product Filter Extension

All Features:

  • Magento 2 Ajax Layered Navigation accelerates all interactions with product lists: filter and sort products, navigate pages, and change the product list mode without reloading the page
  • Works fast with small and large product databases, with or without pagination
  • Customer can filter products by category, attribute, customizable option, rating, stock status, and more
  • Supports layered navigation filtering on Category and Search Results pages
  • Admin can display Magento 2 Product Filter in the left sidebar (vertical layered navigation) or top toolbar (Magento horizontal layered navigation)
  • All available product filter attributes can be enabled or disabled from the module configuration page
  • Admin can set the sort order in which filter attributes will be displayed on the frontend using a handy drag and drop interface
  • Admin can group filter attributes and change the title of the groups from the module configuration page
  • Unique filter lists can be set for each category separately
  • Supports Magento layered navigation SEO-friendly URLs
  • Advanced SEO settings allow setting NOINDEX FOLLOW Robots Meta to prevent duplicate content on Category and Search Results pages with filters enabled
  • Unique meta titles and page headings are dynamically generated based on selected filter options to improve the website visibility in search
  • Filter attribute Search Box can be enabled for large lists of attribute values to speed up the product search
  • Various types of Magento price filter sliders and custom ranges are available: Slider, Slider with input fields, and Price Navigation Steps
  • After filters are applied, the results page automatically scrolls to the top
  • Additional filters available: Rating, Stock Status, New Arrivals, and Sales
  • Supports Magento 2 Filter Multiple Select functionality that allows selecting multiple values at once within one filter attribute (e.g. both “red” and “yellow” in the Color attribute)
  • Supports Magento Configurable Swatches that change the product thumbnail in the product lists according to applied filters
  • Two AJAX filter modes are available: Auto Refresh (will auto refresh the product list each time a user selects a filter option) and Manual refresh (allows user to select multiple options and then click on a button to apply filter)
  • Supports world's best selling Magento 2 themes
  • Magento 2 Product filter was created with responsive design in mind
  • Works great on all devices - from PC to tablet and mobile
  • 100% open code Magento 2 extension

Reviews of Magento 2 Layered Navigation & Product Filter Extension

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  • Layered Navigation & Product Filter Extension for Magento 2
    I'm using it on:
    Sweden Jaswinder Singh posted on March 14, 2022. Review for Magento 2.x
    Great experience to buy Plumrocket extensions.
    I have always been happy and satisfied with their products.

    Looking forward to future projects with Plumrocket and new extensions from Plumrocket.
  • Customer photo
    Extension + customisation
    I'm using it on:
    United Kingdom Jack Brockbank posted on November 05, 2021. Review for Magento 2.x
    Great experience working with Plumrocket using this extension - responsive support and excellent problem solving. Highly recommended.

    Looking forward to future projects with Plumrocket.
  • Great Job
    Greece Panagiotis Gianniotis posted on December 02, 2020. Review for Magento 2.x
    This module was great and support is awesome!
    That's a real work of art. Good work!
    Awesome extension that fit in my theme.
    Easy install and use.
  • Very pleased
    I'm using it on:,
    Romania Alexandru Vajda posted on September 26, 2019. Review for Magento 1.x
    Very pleased.
    The extension after the intervention of the service team works perfectly.
    As always an excellent technical support.
    Bravo Plumrocket
    I'm glad I chose you.
  • Does exactly what it says on the tin
    I'm using it on:
    United Kingdom Paul Hyatt posted on August 18, 2019. Review for Magento 2.x
    A good module that easily extends functionality - I initially had a couple of issues but the support received was above and beyond my expectations - plumb rocket should be highly congratulated on their level of service, expertise and speed of response. The issue was quickly resolved and its doing exactly what I need - highly recommended.
  • Best Layered Navigation for magento 2
    I'm using it on:
    India Aastha Agarwal posted on July 12, 2019. Review for Magento 2.x
    Magento 2 Layered Navigation & Product Filter is a very nice product, I've been using this product for a long while and find it a really good one, nice work by

    Fast & friendly support is the best factor. I'm very impressed. Thank you very much for your help!
  • Great extension and great support
    I'm using it on:
    Netherlands Ton de Visser posted on December 27, 2018. Review for Magento 1.x
    Great plugin,

    Had some troubles installing it, but they helped me quick and everything is working just fine now. Thank you Plumrocket. Next time i will be back.
  • Excellent product and support
    I'm using it on:
    Denmark Michael Munck posted on October 26, 2018. Review for Magento 1.x
    I looked at a lot of layered navigation extensions, but Plumrocket is by far the best module with no hassle of any kind.

    The setup and implementation was easy and the customization to fit our website design was by far the best to work with.

    The support from Plumrocket is out of this world and I will certainly use Plumrocket in the future.
    I have already purchased other modules from Plumrocket.

    I highly recommend Plumrocket and certainly Layered Navigation to everybody who are looking for this kind of module.
  • best Product Filter Extension
    I'm using it on:,,
    China ting peng posted on March 01, 2018. Review for Magento 2.x
    Found a lot of plugins, think this is the best Product Filter Extension and can be very compatible with my theme.I highly recommend it! You should not miss it!
  • Great Filter system
    I'm using it on:
    United Kingdom Andy Semmens posted on November 30, 2017. Review for Magento 2.x
    This is very flexible and allows us to have the category filters we need for our retail store. We did look at other extensions on the market but found this was most suitable and with good backup.
  • Easy to setup and use
    I'm using it on:
    Canada Jacob Chatterton posted on November 23, 2017. Review for Magento 2.x
    I did lots of research before settling on this Layered Navigation upgrade. Great improvement over the stock 'Shop By' navigation.

    I recommend this Plumrocket product.
  • Customer photo
    Good Extension
    I'm using it on:
    Australia Sunil Kumar posted on October 13, 2017. Review for Magento 2.x
    Layered Navigation & Product Filter Extension for Magento 2 works fast and is amazing. Customer service and support are excellent. I am happy with my purchase.
  • Amazing!
    I'm using it on:
    United States Nijaz Mustedanagic posted on September 27, 2017. Review for Magento 1.x
    New update works amazing and it is really fast. Love the option to manage attributes and works great with my custom theme. Thank you for great support.
  • Just what I wanted
    I'm using it on:
    Germany Yasin Alkan posted on September 06, 2017. Review for Magento 1.x
    I have searched long enough for an extension for my needs. Thanks Plumrocket with the service it was finally as I wanted it.

    I had a hard time with it, but the friendly support helped me a lot

    Thanks Plumrocket
  • great module
    I'm using it on:
    United States Nijaz Mustedanagic posted on March 27, 2017. Review for Magento 1.x
    Awesome module, it works really fast and allows our customers to refine through the products conveniently, easy install and use. The extension works great with my theme. Thanks!
  • Very nice extension
    I'm using it on:
    China ting peng posted on January 07, 2017. Review for Magento 2.x
    Very nice extension. I have used it, and want to say that it works really fast and allows our customers to refine through the products conveniently. Good substitution for default layered navigation.
  • Fit our needs perfectly
    I'm using it on:
    United States Bill Daniels posted on January 06, 2017. Review for Magento 1.x
    After researching a few other product filter solutions we decided to go with Plumrocket. The filter fit our needs perfectly and works great.
  • Customer photo
    Nice and very usefull extension
    Germany Anton Knusperking posted on December 28, 2016. Review for Magento 1.x
    With this extension we eliminate the loading time. The installation and use is very easy. It can handle a lot of products and the responsive design is a big plus!
  • Fast!
    I'm using it on:
    Netherlands Dani Mulder posted on December 22, 2016. Review for Magento 1.x
    Its the fastest filter on the market!
    Higly recommended!
  • Customer photo
    Goode extension for quick product search
    Côte d’Ivoire Jean Roger Mably posted on November 07, 2016. Review for Magento 1.x
    We have integrate this extension and increase up to 20% our product sold. Customer find appropriate product very easy.
  • Great Module
    I'm using it on:
    United States Christopher Silvey posted on October 14, 2016. Review for Magento 1.x
    This module was great and support is awesome!
  • Customer photo
    Great Extension working fine
    I'm using it on:
    Spain XIAOJUN LIU posted on October 12, 2016. Review for Magento 2.x
    I use this extension for Magento2. Good tech support and coding style.
  • Excellent Support!
    I'm using it on:
    Greece Polyvios Kechagioglou posted on August 15, 2016. Review for Magento 1.x
    Excellent support. The extension works great with my theme. Thanks!
  • Extension is good enough
    United States Joanne Li posted on January 16, 2016. Review for Magento 1.x
    Yes, it filters good enough. I use it and like. I think plumrocket has to make it load with pager. Good for the price.
  • Needs some Work. Overall positive.
    I'm using it on:
    United States Brian Heying posted on November 07, 2015. Review for Magento 1.x
    This particular extension didn't work properly for my store, but I also list tens of thousands of products. If you have a smaller product offering and want to move away from the native Magento filtering, this is a good extension. I was looking for something particularly where I could allow customers to choose more than one attribute, and this allows it.
  • Great Extension & Support
    I'm using it on:
    India Rakesh S posted on October 30, 2015. Review for Magento 1.x
    Plumrocket Product Filter extension works fine in my store and am satisfied with the performance and the support
  • A serious choice
    I'm using it on:
    Italy Claudio alfieri posted on August 05, 2015. Review for Magento 1.x
    If you have complex products, and want to guide your customers in a simple search filtering results, this is a top extension.
    The support is great and I was able to customiza the look for my theme.
  • Customer photo
    Excelent support!
    I'm using it on:
    United States Ricardo Olmos posted on July 28, 2015. Review for Magento 1.x
    This extension works amazing. The support the best!
  • Alright module
    United States Steen Prebensen posted on October 27, 2014. Review for Magento 1.x
    This extension works just fine. You can't ask for better option at the suggested price. I also customized it with plumrocket in accordance to my custom theme.
  • Very handy Extension. Customers will love it
    United States Yoan Valiente posted on October 08, 2014. Review for Magento 1.x
    While I still have not purchased this extension, I believe it will be very handy and useful for customers to be able to filter product by type and options without the need to wait for the page to load. This is handy as it eliminate the left or right column to allow you add an extra image column!
  • Great!!
    I'm using it on:
    Canada Dmytro Fedosyeyev posted on September 12, 2014. Review for Magento 1.x
    this is amazing filter extension! works fast, no needs even reloading a page. easy install and use.
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FAQ of Magento 2 Layered Navigation & Product Filter Extension

  • Does the Magento 2 Layered Navigation Plugin Support AJAX Product Filtering

    Magento filter refreshes the entire page after you select a filter value. This happens every time you filter by a different attribute. Our extension simplifies this process by providing the must-have functionality to avoid reloading the entire page.

    Read more
  • How Layered Navigation Impacts My Website’s SEO

    The layered navigation functionality generates its own pages with a unique URL when filtering products. There are several ways to display the search results URLs so as not to hurt your SEO. For our Magento Layered Navigation plugin, we use an approach that is simple and efficient.

    Read more
  • How to Filter Magento Products by Custom Attribute

    Magento platform provides some basic product attributes, but you can create any custom ones as well. These custom attributes require the proper configuration to be displayed in the Magento layered navigation during the filtering process.

    Read more
  • How to Enable Magento 2 Horizontal Layered Navigation

    Layered Navigation in Magento is only placed vertically. However, our Product Filter plugin allows displaying layered navigation horizontally as well. With a simple configuration in our extension backend, you can switch to a horizontal display.

    Read more

Change Log of Magento 2 Layered Navigation & Product Filter Extension

Last Update:  May 02, 2022
Legend:  - new feature - bug fix
Layered Navigation & Product Filter Extension for Magento 2 - v4.2.0 May 02, 2022

v4.2.0 - May 02, 2022

  • Added ElasticSearch support for custom options filtering
  • Improved and redesigned the filter apply button

v4.1.1 - Apr 20, 2022

  • Fixed the Elasticsearch 6 support. The "Not Rated Yet" option in the Rating filter now works correctly

v4.1.0 - Apr 05, 2022

  • Added ElasticSearch support for product filtering by rating

v4.0.0 - Mar 22, 2022

  • Added the ability to select multiple options at once within one filter
  • Completely redesigned and improved filtering by customizable options
  • Improved interface usability
  • Improved the format of SEO-friendly URLs
  • Added new SEO settings including meta titles and page headings for Category pages
  • Discontinued support of Magento 2.2.x
  • Minor changes and improvements

v3.2.16 - Jan 28, 2021

  • Fix integration with Plumrocket AMP extension

v3.2.15 - Oct 07, 2020

  • Added integration with Porto theme

v3.2.14 - Aug 28, 2020

  • Added support of Magento 2.4.0 version
  • Improved view of filters on SmartWave Porto theme
  • Fixed php error: Call to undefined method Magento\Framework\App\Response\Http\Interceptor::setDispatched()
  • Minor fixes

v3.2.13 - Jul 13, 2020

  • Added integration with Magento_GoogleTagManager module
  • Minor changes and improvements
  • Corrected the work of Price Slider with Elasticsearch
  • Fixed category filtering when Elasticsearch is enabled
  • Fixed filter reset with "Clear All" button on the search page, if "Enable SEO Friendly URLs" is disabled

v3.2.12 - Jul 02, 2020

  • Fixed issue with the pagination while filtering the products.
  • Solved 404 error on a product page when a product URL started with "p-"

v3.2.11 - May 18, 2020

  • Minor fixes and improvements
  • Fixed color filtering in manual update mode

v3.2.10 - Mar 02, 2020

  • Fixed filter display on 'catalog search' page for Magento 2.3.0 and the next versions as well

v3.2.9 - Feb 17, 2020

  • Fixed filter display on the catalog search page for Magento versions starting from 2.3.0

v3.2.8 - Jan 30, 2020

  • Fixed price slider
  • Add a fix for Custom Options

v3.2.7 - Jan 29, 2020

  • Fixed Magento native filtering when the module is disabled in the back-end
  • Fixed filtering when attributes' and products options' names are the same
  • Fixed bug related to 'Show empty option'. Enabled 'Show empty option' affected the visibility of all options

v3.2.6 - Sep 23, 2019

  • Added an integration with Amasty Elastic Search
  • Fixed output of custom options for different store view
  • Fixed the filter in AMP mode when Plumrocket ProductFilter is disabled

v3.2.5 - Jul 24, 2019

  • Fixed incorrect functionality of the module on PHP >= 7.1
  • Fixed issue with selected options not being highlighted while filtering
  • Fixed price slider on mobile devices

v3.2.4 - Jun 06, 2019

  • Minor fixes

v3.2.3 - May 24, 2019

  • Fixed issue with incorrect product sorting if "Use SEO URL" option is disabled

v3.2.2 - May 13, 2019

  • Fixed issue with filtering by attribute that includes a name with “/“ and enabled SEO-friendly URLs

v3.2.1 - Apr 26, 2019

  • Fixed issue with custom options
  • Fixed issue with products that were not shown in the manual mode
  • Minor fixes and improvements

v3.2.0 - Feb 28, 2019

  • "Enable Filter Attributes" option works on store view level
  • Added integration with Wyomind Elasticsearch
  • Fixed price display in filter on AMP pages
  • Fix for color and size options
  • Fix for sorting by category name
  • Minor changes

v3.1.0 - Oct 23, 2018

  • Added search for text filter options for more convenient work with long lists
  • Now color filter shows all category colors instead of filtered product colors
  • Fixed price slider performance after page reload
  • Fixed price slider performance on multi currency store.
  • Fixed bug with selected option display in filter by rating
  • Fixed bug with price ranges slider modifying
  • Fixed the URLs with underscore or quotes symbols in attribute value
  • Minor changes

v3.0.12 - Mar 01, 2018

  • Optimized extension to properly handle the inclusion of the JS files
  • Fixed bug with sort by toolbar options, disallowing Plumrocket Filter Extension to properly generate the SEO-friendly URLs
  • Fixed bug with Multibyte Character Sets encoding and the way they influenced the SEO-friendly URLs formation

v3.0.11 - Jan 10, 2018

  • Added SEO-related improvements
  • Improved extension to support special symbols contained in the titles of Attribute options
  • Minor fixes and modifications
  • Fixed bug with toolbar actions

v3.0.10 - Oct 20, 2017

  • Added support of Magento 2.2 (CE and EE versions)
  • Made improvements for multi-language stores
  • Added support of ajax filtering when customer navigates back-and-forth in browser
  • Minor improvements
  • Fixed bug with search by categories

v3.0.9 - Sep 21, 2017

  • Added SEO-related improvements
  • Improved compatibility with Plumrocket Magento 2 AMP extension
  • Made code style improvements

v3.0.8 - Apr 25, 2017

  • Improved support of third party themes
  • Improved search by price
  • Changed labels for "Product Filter Placement" option
  • Added fixes for SEO Friendly URLs and empty Category Url Suffix
  • Fixed bug with Elasticsearch

v3.0.7 - Mar 29, 2017

  • Added support for Flat Catalog Categories
  • Improved filtering by Rating
  • Improved locales

v3.0.6 - Mar 22, 2017

  • Improved filter performance with Magento2 Color Swatches
  • Improved support of Elasticsearch
  • Fixed selected attributes duplication on search results page for filter in "Toolbar" mode
  • Fixed bug with selecting custom options
  • Fixed conflict with third party "Blog Extension" by MageFan

v3.0.5 - Mar 15, 2017

  • Added support of "Elasticsearch" search engine
  • Improved extension localization
  • Improved support of third party themes
  • Fixed bug with ratings filter

v3.0.4 - Feb 27, 2017

  • Improved support of price filter for Magento EE 2.1
  • Improved filter on Search Results page
  • Fixed bug with un-checking selected option in "Categories" filter section
  • Fixed bug with filtering after pagination, if SEO-friendly URLs are enabled in Magento 2 configuration

v3.0.3 - Jan 16, 2017

  • Improved extension to support special symbols contained in titles of Attribute options

v3.0.2 - Nov 09, 2016

  • Added ability to apply multiple selection of categories while filtering

v3.0.1 - Oct 07, 2016

  • Added ability to enable or disable SEO-friendly URLs
  • Added SEO-related improvements: Robots tag with NOINDEX,FOLLOW parameter is included on filter results pages
  • Improved customer experience while using Product Filter

v3.0.0 - Sep 16, 2016

  • Created Product Filter Magento 2 Extension
Layered Navigation Lite Extension for Magento 2 - v1.1.0 May 02, 2022

v1.1.0 - May 02, 2022

  • Improved and redesigned the price slider

v1.0.1 - Apr 07, 2022

  • Added support of Magento 2.4.4 version

v1.0.0 - Mar 22, 2022

  • Created Layered Navigation Lite extension for Magento 2