What is an "Updates & Support Period"

The Update & Support Period provided by Plumrocket grants access to technical support and updates for all our Magento extensions and packages for a specified period.

According to our Updates & Support Policy, the first 12 months of access to extension updates and technical support are included for free with every purchase. This period ensures you receive timely assistance and the latest versions of our extensions. We recommend keeping your coverage active to ensure continued access to our exceptional technical support team.

What does the technical support include?

  • A personal customer care manager
  • Email support (general and technical requests) with an opportunity to create and monitor technical tickets
  • 24-hour response within business days
  • A technical engineer assigned to your ticket
  • Troubleshooting & bug fixes in Plumrocket extensions
  • Guidance & Consultations
  • Free estimates for customizations of our extensions

Please note that technical support does NOT include:

  • Custom development
  • Extension installation and configuration
  • Third-party integrations and compatibility fixes
  • Extension update service
  • Support and debugging of the extensions customized by a customer

What does the Updates period include?

The Update & Support Period covers access to the most recent extension versions, newly introduced features, updates, bug fixes, and compatibilities with the latest Magento 2 versions.

Do I need to purchase Updates & Support for every license I have to access the updates?

You can extend or renew Updates & Support for only one license, which will grant you access to updates for all your licenses of the same extension. However, full support and updates apply solely to the primary license. If you require support for additional licenses, separate Updates & Support purchases will be necessary.

Does the Updates & Support Period apply to extensions purchased on the marketplace?

Yes, the Updates & Support Period is applied to extensions purchased on the official Plumrocket Store (, Adobe Commerce Marketplace (, or any other third-party website and marketplace.

How can I check and manage the status of the Updates & Support Period?

You can easily review the status of your Updates & Support Period by visiting the My Account Dashboard. Here, you'll be able to determine whether it is currently active and extend or renew it as needed.

Is my subscription automatically renewed?

No, there are no automatic renewals. Instead, you have the flexibility to renew or extend your subscription manually. This approach allows clients to manage payments effectively and ensures a more personalized purchase management experience.

What happens when my support period ends? Can I use an extension?

Yes, you can continue using the extension after your Update & Support period expires, but technical support and access to the latest extension updates will no longer be available. Nevertheless, you can continue using, customizing, and managing the purchased products without limitations. Although you lose access to new versions of an extension, you will still retain access to versions released prior to the expiration of your support period.

Renewing or extending your updates & support period from "My Account Dashboard", will grant you access to the latest extension versions and technical support for the new period.

Do I lose access to all versions of the extension after the support period ends?

No, you only lose access to new versions of the extension. You will still retain access to versions that were released before your support period ended.

How do I extend or renew my product support?

To extend or renew your product Update & Support period:

  1. Log in to your Plumrocket account.
  2. Navigate to the "My Downloads" tab to view the list of purchased Magento extensions. 
  3. Each extension will have a section on the right where you can select the product updates & support period. Choose the desired period and proceed with your order.
For more detailed guidance with visual aids, refer to our comprehensive online documentation:

How much does it cost to extend or renew my support?

The cost of extending or renewing the Update & Support Period is based on the product price. We offer discounted rates for extending support while the current period is active and slightly higher rates for renewals after the expiration. Below are the rates for Magento CE & EE extensions:

Magento CE & EE Extend support while it's still active Renew support after it expires
12 months 50% of the original product price 70% of the original product price
24 months 90% of the original product price 
(save 25% on second year)
110% of the original product price 
(save 40% on second year)

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