How can I add more domains and subdomains to my serial key or license

While purchasing the extension from our store you will be provided with one serial key for:

  • 1 (one) live magento installation with one or multiple domains
  • unlimited number of development / staging sub-domains and domains (development domains are subject to approval by our tech support and can be rejected for any reason). 
While development "sub-domains" are most likely to be approved automatically, development "domains" are subject to review and approval by our tech support. If our tech support believes that a "development domain" may be used as a live store, your request to add this domain to the existing license will be rejected.
Examples of development / staging URLs: localhost, (or any other IP),,,,,, etc.
Please follow the steps described in the Updating License Domains article to request new development sub-domains to be added to your existing license. 

If you need to update / change your live domain or development domain - please contact our tech support directly.

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