How can I upgrade my extension from Magento 1 to Magento 2

Magento 2 platform is a completely different platform from Magento 1 with a new code structure and architecture, new user interface, layouts & default themes. Thus Magento 1 extensions cannot be simply updated to fit Magento 2 requirements. Magento 2 extensions are not compatible with Magento 1 platform. Each Magento 2 extension is created from scratch. The amount of time needed to create the same Magento 2 extension is almost equal to the time spent on the development of Magento 1 extension.

Taking into consideration all the information above, Plumrocket Magento 2 extensions are considered independent products and must be purchased at our store separately.

Plumrocket Magento 2 extensions are not provided as free upgrades during the free or paid support period. 

Existing clients who own Magento 1 extensions and plan to upgrade to Magento 2 platform will be offered a 30% discount on the purchase of an equivalent Magento extension.

You can upgrade to Magento 2 in the "My Downloads" section of your account:

Upgrade Magento 1 extensions to Magento 2

If you need any help migrating to Magento 2, please check our Magento Migration Services.

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