What is the "Support Period"

Plumrocket Inc provides limited-time tech support for all our Magento extensions and packages. 

First three months of technical support included with every purchase. However, we recommend keeping your coverage active in order to have access to our amazing technical support team.

The product support covers the following:

  • free technical support during the period.

What happens when my support period ends? Can it be renewed?

After your support period ends, the technical support will not be provided, however, you can continue using your products without limitations and  download latest updates. Once you extend or renew your "support period" from "My Account Dashboard", the tech support will be provided to you again for the duration of the new support period. 

How much does it cost to extend or renew my support?

We provide discounted pricing on support period if it was extended before the current support has expired. Clients who want to renew the support period after it expires, can also do so at a slightly higher rates. The cost of the support period is based on the product price and can be calculated using the rates provided in the table below:

Magento CE & EE Extend support while it's still active Renew support after it expires
3 months 30% of the actual product price 50% of the actual product price
6 months 40% of the actual product price 60% of the actual product price
12 months 50% of the actual product price 70% of the actual product price


Please note, that the support period renewal fees are non-refundable.

How do I extend or renew my product support?

To extend or renew your product support period you need to login to your account at plumrocket store, then click on "My Downloads" tab to view the list of purchased magento extensions. Each extension will have a section on the right where you can select product support period and click on "add to cart" button to place an order. For more information, including screenshots, please check our online documentation. Learn more how to extend or renew your product support.

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