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Key Challenges

Inability to set up automatic product data synchronization due to structural differences between Magento 2 custom options and Salesforce product variations. This functionality was not offered by any third-party extensions on the market and required a custom solution.

Key Results

Plumrocket’s Magento Integration service implemented a custom API that matches Magento and Salesforce products based on product names, given that they might slightly vary. The API works both ways allowing Salesforce to update Magento products in bulk as well, eliminating data inconsistency.
Sports Company Logo A leading American sports equipment company that does not disclose its commercial activities


Сustom API To sync Magento Custom Options with Salesforce Product Variations
Two-Way Sync API works both ways allowing Salesforce to update Magento products in bulk
Data Accuracy Product data is fully consistent in two interfaces with automatic synchronization for new and existing products


The company is a USA leading sports equipment merchant, with over 25-year experience in the market. They produce and supply high-quality equipment for the retail, commercial, and other customer groups so that all home workout enthusiasts, gym owners, and large organizations will find equipment solutions to suit their needs and budget. Customers who choose this sports company can get everything they need in one place, from in-country equipment service to worldwide shipping.

Sports Company stories

Striving to fulfill every need and goal, the company provides outstanding customer service and an individual approach to every client. There are over 3,708 products and 392 product categories in their online store, which speaks of the scale and rich offer of the business.


The sports equipment company uses the Salesforce CRM platform to keep all their product and customer data synchronized with the Magento 2 eCommerce platform. However, the product management revealed quite challenging when manually creating or editing new products for both sides. Although there are plenty of Magento 2 Salesforce integration extensions available in the market, they do not provide the synchronization of Magento 2 custom options.

The main challenge was mapping Magento customizable options for simple products with Salesforce variation products to automate price synchronization.

While for a Magento 2 simple product with custom options, a product’s price is the combination of the base price of the simple product with the extra cost of custom options, Salesforce has simple products (product variations) with a combination of attributes such as price, SKU, description, etc. This different product type structuring has made it impossible to map the identical products to set up automatic synchronization, and also because:

  • The Magento product option SKU is not required, thus it was missing or not unique
  • The name of the Magento custom option might be slightly different from the name of the Salesforce product variation
  • Salesforce product variation could include two custom options

There were 1,662 products with custom options in the company’s Magento store, which makes 20,145 product variations in Salesforce after they were changed to correspond to the Magento product types. Consequently, it took around 20 minutes to manually update and double-check prices for 10 products in two interfaces, which was very time-consuming when updating dozens of products at once.

Finally, the sports equipment company turned to Plumrocket for a Magento Integration service custom solution that would allow them to automate the process of syncing Magento and Salesforce products with different product type logic.


The Magento 2 open-source platform and its openness to third-party integrations allowed us to map all existing products in Magento and Salesforce, including those with different types and set up auto-sync for them.

To sync Magento custom options, we have come up with a solution to automatically map product options by their names, even if they are slightly different. The integration has brought the following results:

Now, the Magento custom options are matched with the corresponding Salesforce product variations, so that product prices, names, and statuses (as required by the sports equipment company) are always in sync.

The “Sync with Salesforce” button has been implemented on the Magento Product Edit Page. Additionally, each Magento product and custom option value has been given a corresponding “Salesforce ID” field.


New Magento products and their custom options, when clicking “Sync with Salesforce”, are automatically created as separate product variations, returning their Salesforce IDs.

Existing Magento products and their custom options are automatically updated in Salesforce with a click of the “Sync with Salesforce” button.

Bulk price update of Salesforce product variations automatically updates the prices of Magento products and their custom options

Synchronizing custom Magento database structure with Salesforce can be challenging
Created a custom API to sync Magento Custom Options with Salesforce Product Variations
The API works both ways allowing Salesforce to update Magento products in bulk
Creating and updating products for both interfaces is 2x faster completely eliminating data inconsistency

After we implemented the custom Magento 2 Salesforce integration for the sports equipment company’s website, the Magento and Salesforce products’ synchronization became fully automated, despite the differences in the platform's architecture. As a result, the need for an employee to manually update product prices in both interfaces has been completely eliminated, saving the business much time and budget.

Review Quote Plumrocket not only did a great job of developing a custom solution for Magento 2 Salesforce integration not offered by any third-party extension, but they also saved us a lot of time and effort compared to the manual work we had to do in the past. It seemed to us that there was no solution, but Plumrocket's commitment and hard work delivered the excellent result we've been looking for for a long time. President of a sports equipment company

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