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Key Challenges

A tedious website login and registration process, which required additional confirmation flows and filling out time-consuming forms, has resulted in cart abandonment and a poor shopping experience.

Key Results

Magento 2 Google One Tap Login integration provided users with the ability to authenticate in one click, which has significantly increased user sign-ups and the purchasing rate.
Iron Company Logo One of the first internet fitness equipment vendors on the market since 1997, committed to offering the widest selection of first-class gym equipment and flooring solutions.


8x UP User Sign-Ups
1.7x UP Purchase Rate
More Often
Google One Tap is Used for Registrations
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IRON COMPANY is a leading US fitness equipment manufacturer and distributor, providing superior gym equipment and flooring solutions since 1997. With years of success and an unwavering commitment to customers, they stand behind their promise of unparalleled services, reliability, and innovative products. Their expertise, superior service standards, and wide range of products have contributed to establishing long-term relationships with regular home gym purchasers and pro athletes at all levels, including some of the most respected organizations in the world and the US military.


The company provides customers with exceptional service from start to finish – whether you are a first-time buyer or a seasoned fitness enthusiast. They have an unmatched variety of products at competitive prices and their product experts are eager to help people realize their fitness and business goals. Being in the business of building people, they also stand against bullying and their mission is to help the kids and youth build lasting self-esteem, confidence, and inner strength.


The Iron Company offers a wide range of fitness tools to customers from all over the world striving for a seamless user experience online in order to optimize and drive more customers through the sales journey.

The Iron Company is a leading provider of fitness equipment to customers worldwide. It has created an online platform that offers exceptionally fast shipping and a seamless user experience, constantly improving it to attract more customers. Therefore, the ability to seamlessly sign in and register for an account is a powerful tool for a customer experience not interrupting them with time-consuming registration and login forms.

Although customers can complete orders in a non-signed-in state, they are still required to share personal information such as shipping and billing addresses for each purchase. Moreover, these customers are more likely to abandon the cart, which directly impacts bottom-line revenue.


Since the Iron Company site is built on a Magento 2 open-source e-commerce platform, there is a great ability to enhance the store’s functionality with various third-party extensions. This way, the company has effectively connected to Google Identity Service in no time with the help of the Magento 2 Social Login Pro extension. It makes the buying process frictionless and faster by providing seamless sign-in and sign-up solutions. As a result, new user signups jumped by 8X.

After the company implemented Google One Tap sign-in feature, both the number of customers that registered for the website and the number of orders placed increased significantly. Before the implementation, 24% of all purchases were made by signed-in customers; after One Tap was enabled, this rate jumped to 40%. This resulted in a 1.7X increase in purchases and directly impacted revenue.

Store sign-ups increased by
Google One Tap is 70x more popular than Google Sign In
Google One Tap is used 25x more often than other social logins
Google One Tap is responsible for a 16% increase in orders

With Google One Tap, customers no longer have time-consuming registration processes which required them to provide personal data such as email addresses, complete additional confirmation flows, and remember login credentials. When compared to other sign-in options and login methods with social networks, this frictionless solution provided immediate results in acquiring new users.

Magneto 2 Google One Tap Login extension by Plumrocket enabled Iron Company to quickly adopt Google One Tap on their website. After the extension was installed, an Iron Company developer simply activated the Google One Tap option.

Review Quote Google One Tap is more than just a fast sign-in option. The return on Plumrocket Social Login Pro Extension for Magento is outstanding with almost no development effort. It helped reach key company goals providing website visitors instant access to account management and fast order placement J.P. Brice, President of IRON COMPANY

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