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Key Challenges

Due to the end of life of Magento 1, the website became vulnerable to cyber security attacks and was difficult to maintain. In addition, the move to Magneto 2 requires further performance optimizations to fine-tune the store to perform better than the competition.

Key Results

The migration to Magento 2 and website optimization not only improved the website performance in all desktop and mobile Core Web Vitals but also resulted in an excellent page experience and up to 78% increase in conversion rates, transactions, and overall revenue.
Blast Zone Logo In Home-Use and Commercial Inflatables created with the finest and safest materials.


69% UP Overall revenue
58% Up Conversion Rates
78% Up Transactions


Blastzone is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacturing of inflatable toys. Since 1995, their team has learned what goes into making an inflatable that's safe and durable, as well as fun to use. From water parks to obstacle courses, from bounce houses to dry slides - they have an option for every need.

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Their focus on safety and durability has made their inflatables some of the highest quality on the market. Each and every product sold by Blastzone strictly adhere to standards set out by the markets it serves. Their products are used by children and adults with millions of units in use worldwide. From fun in the backyard to profit in your business, you can rely on a US-based customer support team to answer any questions or address any concerns that may arise from using one of these products.


Blastzone eCommerce site was powered by the Magento 1 platform, which ended support on June 30, 2020. The store has become vulnerable to Magento security threats and was difficult to maintain and update. The main areas of concern:

  • End of security updates
  • Losing PCI compliance
  • Poor site speed and UX experience
  • Extensions became malfunctioning

Considering the above, the company decided to migrate Magento 1 to Magento 2 platform with Plumrocket Migration Services, relying on high security, development flexibility, fast site speed, and therefore business growth.

The Magento 2 platform out of the box isn't perfect in terms of speed and features but is extremely flexible to integrate and customize, leaving plenty of room for further performance optimizations.

After realizing that the website performance was lagging behind competitors in the industry, the company reached out to us for a Magento Speed Optimization Service. They needed optimization solutions for their website, which could help them gain a competitive edge by delivering content to customers faster and more efficiently.

Migration Results

It’s widely known and also stated by Adobe that migration to Magento 2 platform results in better performance (on average 20% faster than Magento 1 sites), 38% faster checkout process, better admin interface, SEO and mobile-friendliness, high security, better customer experience and much more.

However, in this Magento migration case study, we will show how these factors impacted sales.

Along with moving to the new platform, we have rolled out a newly-designed theme for Magento 2, created with user experience in mind. Considering business seasonality, the company decided to roll out during its low season. However, the results were impressive even when sales were not expected to be high. Compared to the same period last year,

  • There’s been a 69% increase in overall revenue
  • Conversion rate has seen an 85% boost
  • There’s been a 78% increase in the number of transactions completed on the store
Overall revenue +69%
Conversion rate +85%
Transactions +78%

Speed Optimization Results

After conducting thorough research, we measured the initial page speed metrics and started the optimizing the site. Focusing on the main stages of the customer shopping experience, we have improved the performance of all major parts of the store, including product pages and checkout. Being a decisive factor in the customer purchasing decision, the website speed was improved by:

  • Eliminating render-blocking resources (optimized JS / CSS and reduced the number of resources loaded on store pages)
  • Deferring offscreen images (integrated lazy load functionality for sections of the store)
  • Implementing properly sized images (multiple sizes of the same image for different screens and devices)
  • Reducing unused JavaScript and CSS
  • Serving images in next-gen formats (integrated support of Webp images by using Cloudflare)
  • Minifying JavaScript
  • Reducing the HTTP requests (optimized JS and set up JS bundling)
  • Implementing Google Best Practices, recommendations on accessibility and SEO issues

As a result, final testing with the Google Page Speed tool showed an improvement of up to 69% on all main mobile pages of the store, making them load up to 3X faster.

Overall Performance
Product Pages Category Pages Homepage
Desktop icon Desktop
Product Pages
Category Pages
2x UP 48 to 99
14% UP 85 to 99
24% UP 75 to 99
Mobile icon Mobile
Product Pages
Category Pages
3x UP 21 to 64
69% UP 23 to 75
61% UP 31 to 80

Core Web Vital desktop scores jumped to the green zone, while mobile scores hit the yellow area, with an improvement of up to 18X, which is a great result for Magento mobile given the limitations of its architecture. Additionally, we have made the checkout 3X faster by speeding up its webserver responsiveness.

Core Web Vitals on Mobile
Product Pages
1.8x DOWN LCP - 6.9s to 3.7s
13x DOWN CLS - 0.013 to 0.001
2.1x DOWN FID - 4.2s to 2.0s
LCP - 6.9s to 3.7s
CLS - 0.013 to 0.001
FID - 4.2s to 2.0s
3x DOWN TTFB - 4.42s to 1.42s
TTFB - 4.42s to 1.42s

Overall, Magento speed optimization service from Plumrocket has made the Blast Zone’s website load extremely fast, delivering an excellent shopping experience to their customers. With lightning-fast product page loading and smooth checkout, customers are less likely to abandon their cart and more likely to complete their purchases.

What’s more, good Core Web Vitals are preferred by Google and ensure higher rankings on the search results page, driving more organic traffic to the store. Blast Zone is already seeing an increase in new users and sales, but the website optimization is too recent to properly measure the sales figures.

Review Quote Plumrocket has not only deployed websites that identically match our concept/design work, but they have solved performance issues native to Magento. We have one of the most updated, best-performing websites in our category, which not only helps close funnels, but also boosts our organic results substantially. Sky Boulton, Principal at Blast Zone

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