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Key Challenges

Struggling with AMP implementation on Magento 2 websites to achieve better website performance on mobile devices.

Key Results

A highly optimized mobile AMP theme was easily implemented by installing the Magento 2 AMP extension from Plumrocket, which resulted in a significant increase in mobile traffic and conversion rates.
Greek Flavours Logo A digital project that represents the largest and most complete online showcase of Greek products


50% UP Mobile Traffic
2x UP Mobile Conversion Rate
Improved Mobile Website Performance
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Greek Flavours is a find for chefs and admirers of Greek cuisine, offering the largest variety of Greek products online and shipping worldwide to over 40 countries. It all started with Greek food but later expanded to the best cosmetic items based on the natural ingredients from rich Greek land. Other areas of this digital project are gifts, souvenirs, and kitchen items - all from rich Greek territory.

Greek Flavours stories

The company’s main goal is 100% satisfied customers. That’s why they care about fast delivery, safe and tested packaging and high-quality post-purchase service. In addition, the eCommerce project is proud of its blog area dedicated to the recipes of the best traditional Greek dishes and cooking tips.


For many years, Greek Flavours has helped lovers of Greece and its community abroad to get quick access to natural Greek products of a wide range. As a competitive eCommerce business, the company cares about customer satisfaction and the level of shopping experience they provide.

Since more than half of users prefer mobile devices over PC for their everyday browsing and online shopping, the Greek Flavours started to search for ways to optimize their website pages for all mobile and tablet devices with the help of AMP technology.

Due to certain AMP technology limitations in architecture and the lack of built-in support of AMP in Magento 2, it is quite challenging for merchants and developers to implement it in their eCommerce websites. Among the most common challenges in implementing AMP for Magento 2 are:

  • The template system and logic of Magento Framework require replacing entire website blocks with the AMP-equivalent ones
  • AMP validation errors occur when installing third-party Magento themes and extensions
  • AMP HTML mark-up is not supported out of the box, so AMP content cannot be edited using the default WYSIWYG editor, and Magento Page Builder
  • Reproducing dynamic site elements with the 150kb limit according to AMP specifications
  • Development of store design in AMP mode with the limited size of CSS up to 75kb

To overcome these challenges, Greek Flavours adopted Plumrocket AMP extension for their Magento 2 eCommerce platform, which was the best solution for their needs.

The Plumrocket team took into account all the challenges and after a number of successful Magento projects were launched in 2016, they created Magento 2 AMP extension to help merchants implement innovative AMP into their stores. It became an all-in-one solution for optimizing site performance for mobile devices.


The implementation of AMP on has shown excellent results and delivered highly-optimized Magento AMP pages for mobile devices. Mobile pages became extremely lightweight, with an average page load time of ~0.4 sec, compared to ~3 sec on a responsive theme.

Moreover, AMP helped improve all Magento 2 Core Web Vital metrics - a strong page experience factor that rewards user-friendly sites with a higher ranking on Google’s search engine results page (SERP). As a consequence, AMP pages generated 50% more organic traffic from mobile devices and doubled mobile conversion rates.

3x UP LH score
(25 to 75)
(13.7 to 4.6)
(2051 to 166)
(23.6 to 0.08)

The overall process of AMP implementation took around 3-4 weeks, which includes the website analysis, extension installation, and configuration. Here is what the Greek Flavour website achieved after installing the Magento 2 AMP extension:

50% more mobile traffic

Right after the AMP implementation, mobile pages became ultra-lightweight and fast-loading, providing a seamless shopping experience. Thanks to this, as well as SEO and Core Web Vitals optimizations, the mobile traffic bounced up and the company detected a steady increase in sessions. They estimated around 50% of extra visitors are coming on the mobile pages.

Healthy revenue growth

The faster mobile experience is playing an important role for their customers’ shopping experience and thus also for the company revenues. As a result, Greek Flavours reported a healthy growth rate in terms of online store revenues.

2x increase in conversion rate

Unlike the responsive mobile theme previously used, the AMP theme is optimized for mobile devices out of the box, which ensures fast page loading, improved interactivity, and visual stability. Therefore, Greek Flavours has detected a 2x growth in mobile conversion rate thanks to the adoption of AMP.

Better customer experience & average order value

Greek Flavours team admitted that a faster user experience helps the customer in scouting the website and exploring the products. The mobile average order value was steadily increasing, meaning that the users find online proposals more and more consistent and relevant to their expectations.

Steady growth in visitors' average time spent on site

According to the fact that it took some time for search engines to properly adapt the new website positioning to the new customer experience, the company detected a light decrease right after the AMP went live. However, there was seen steady growth afterward resulting in more conversions.

Review Quote We were coming from an adaptive mobile solution. Thanks to the adoption of Plumrocket AMP, we have detected a 2x growth in mobile conversion rate. Greek Flavours

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