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Key Challenges

The company decided to migrate its Magento 1 store to Shopify Plus. Still, the different data structures and a large number of custom functionality required a professional approach to ensure a secure migration and prevent data integrity issues.

Key Results

The Plumrocket team has successfully moved over 500 thousand records to Shopify and resolved all data integrity issues. After a smooth migration, a client saw a 46% increase in average time spent on page and 5x faster page load time.
E4hats Logo A leading provider of hats and caps on the web, offering a wide range of products for every style and occasion.


46% UP Avg. Time on Page
97% Up Product Page Speed on Mobile
500K Records Migrated


The e4Hats company was born out of a passion for hats. Starting out as a very small operation from home, they now offer thousands of styles and accessories on the website. The company handpicks new products every day, working hard to remain a trendsetter and the most competitive hat provider in the world.

E4hats stories

Additionally, e4Hats offers customized products and other accessories so that anyone can find the match. The company has been providing premium quality products since early 2000, soon becoming an Amazon partner and a Google Trusted Store. These partnerships confirm the company’s strong values, professionalism, and excellent customer service.


After Magento 1 End of Life, e4Hats store owners decided to move to Shopify - a completely different eCommerce platform that is easier to manage and maintain. However, Magento to Shopify migration is a complex process, covering huge differences in order management and product and category structuring. Given additional customizations e4Hats made to their Magento 1 platform, there were even more things to be reorganized.

The most time-consuming task was to rebuild and simplify the product structure before Magento to Shopify data migration (from a custom three-level back to a native two-level).

Also, besides the WordPress blog, numerous third-party extensions, and customizations, we needed to migrate Magento 1 Enterprise Edition features, such as gift cards, store credits, and reward points.

Migration Details

The big advantage of Shopify is that many themes come with excellent designs and valuable built-in features, e.g., size charts, timers, product labels, etc. The theme chosen by e4Hats was missing only advanced Layered Navigation and Product Reviews features, which we replaced with Shopify apps.

We also customized the theme to change the display of product images. The same functionality could be provided by a Shopify app, however, our solution avoids this extra integration that affects page speed.

The next step was Magento to Shopify data migration, which included customers (100k+), transactions (200k+), products (about 150k), reviews (about 6k), categories (over 370), CMS pages, WordPress blog (about 300 posts), and more.

In total, more than 500 thousand records have been migrated. Many underwent complex restructuring and reassignments.

See what data structure differences between Magento & Shopify we resolved during the migration:

  • Magento customers and subscribers were migrated to Shopify customers.
  • Orders, Invoices, Shipments, etc. are separate lists in Magento. In Shopify is easier - just orders.
  • Magento Reward Points and Store Credits were converted to Shopify Gift Cards.
  • A nested structure of Magento categories was replaced with one-level Shopify collections.
  • Custom three-level product structure was converted to standard structure and then migrated to Shopify.
  • Used Shopify product tags or metafields for missing Magento attributes.
  • WordPress blog was replaced by Shopify out-of-the-box blog app
  • New URLs were assigned to all products, categories, pages, and blog posts in order to comply with the new, specific URL structure on Shopify.
  • Added permanent URL redirects (over 80,000) for all pages to stay up to date in Google search.


This Magento & Shopify case study shows a significant amount of work the Plumrocket team has done to perform seamless Magento to Shopify migration with zero downtime. All backups and settings were done in the background, and deployment was instant, with no interruption to sales or normal business operations.

With some theme customizations, we managed to use the bare minimum of additional Shopify applications, which made the pages more lightweight and faster. Compared to Magento, mobile pages now load 2x faster, while desktop product pages reached 98 in Core Web Vitals scores.

Overall Performance (Core Web Vitals)
Product Pages Homepage
Desktop icon Desktop
Product Pages
15% UP 85 to 98
16% UP 74 to 86
Mobile icon Mobile
Product Pages
97% UP 31 to 61
109% UP 36 to 75

Additionally, Google Analytics reports show that the average page load time has become 5x faster, which obviously has a positive effect on the shopping experience - users spend 31% more time on pages.

Avg. Page Download Time 5x DOWN (0.83 sec vs 0.16 sec)
Avg. Time on Page 46% UP (1:03 vs 1:32)

Most importantly, the e4Hats website did not lose positions in Google search due to the improved Core Web Vitlats and thousands of permanent URL redirects.

Review Quote We've been working with Plumrocket since we started using Magento in 2017. They helped us with everything we needed, and this transition to Shopify also went smoothly despite all the data integrity issues. We communicated tirelessly to discuss general questions and detailed progress and always received clear plans and reports. David, Head of Web Design

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