Magento 2 AMP Theme One

Magento AMP Theme One is a flexible tool to create AMP pages for your website and customize their appearance driving more mobile traffic and increasing user engagement. A number of design configurations, layouts, and templates help reproduce the look and feel of the existing store design.

AMP Magento Theme One AMP Magento Theme One
  • AMP Theme One is based on the Magento AMP extension
  • The theme works independently and does not affect the existing website design
  • You can reproduce your website’s design with multiple theme configurations
  • The AMP theme performance is highly optimized according to the latest SEO requirements

Key Features of Magento 2 AMP Theme

Magento AMP Theme One was developed with the importance of web page design in mind. Without any coding experiences required, you can generate AMP pages for your website that are already visually appealing and need no further development to look beautiful. If necessary, you can use extensive configurations to make all AMP pages fit your main website’s design. This is the perfect solution for already established and influential brands, as they won’t confuse their customers with unfamiliar mobile theme design and layouts.

Since AMP Theme One is the backbone of our AMP plugin for Magento 2, you can generate AMP pages for Home Page, Product Page, Catalog Search, Category Page, and CMS pages in a matter of minutes. Most importantly, your content will be SEO-optimized and high-performing. Intending to help businesses deliver the best shopping experience, we have optimized the AMP page performance to reach the highest Core Web Vitals score.

Choose Your Color Scheme

With Magento AMP Theme One, you can change the color of buttons, button texts, header & footer backgrounds, icons, etc. All in all, you are provided with plenty of opportunities to fully customize the color scheme you want to have or want to reproduce from your main Magento responsive theme.

Magento AMP Theme One - Choose Your Color Scheme

Display Dynamic Elements on Homepage

Create, customize and display Magento sliders & banners the same way as in your responsive Magento theme. In addition, showcase pictures, new products, categories, etc., using Magento widgets to make AMP pages media-rich and lightweight at the same time.

The combination of speed and interactivity guarantees high conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

Display Dynamic Elements on Homepage - Magento AMP Theme One

Create Custom Header & Footer

Create Custom Header - Magento AMP Theme One

A header is the first thing visitors come across when entering your store, so every merchant has to make sure it encourages visitors to explore the site further. To that end, we provide you with stunning header templates, which you can additionally customize and change color styles:

  • Display your brand’s logo, quick navigation, and sleek sliding menu
  • Allow customers to access the login and registration form from the header
  • Showcase the wishlist icon and Add to Cart indicator with dynamic number of items in the cart
  • Let customers switch currency and language, as well as display a custom CMS block with the Contact Us dropdown
Create Custom Footer - Magento AMP Theme One

Use footer to provide additional navigation and improve user experience by customizing the contents according to your specific business needs:

  • Display blocks in the footer of your website in any order, edit or remove them if necessary
  • Encourage customers to subscribe to the newsletter using a quick signup form in the footer
  • Inform customers of successful newsletter subscriptions using an amp messaging system developed by our team
  • Provide your customers with immediate access to customer support specifying a phone number in the Customer Service section

Design Effective Navigation

Similar to the shelving in physical shops, the navigation menu in eCommerce stores is a way to centralize access to all products.

  • Quickly navigate through categories in the visually appealing menu bar
  • Customers can register/sign in to your website as well as switch languages and currency conveniently from the menu
  • Display an additional CMS block and add links to other CMS pages or provide extra information. This CMS block comes with a ready-to-use template to quickly add links. Moreover, it can be arranged in a separate block or accordion.
Design Effective Navigation Menu - Magento AMP Theme One

Build Category Pages That Convert

AMP Theme One helps build a path to sales - clear and well-structured category pages that help on-purpose shoppers choose the next step along the journey.

  • Enjoy plenty of options to build perfect category pages: besides available templates, you can display different content for AMP pages using AMP components
  • Change the display settings of AMP category pages and select category page display mode. Depending on the type of products you sell, you can showcase only products, only static content, or both products and static content on category pages. By default, the display settings are automatically set based on your Magento configuration. However, you can specify different display modes for your AMP pages
  • Choose the filter template and provide visitors with multiple product display options. Thus, they can choose the grid for product display, sort items by newest, sort products alphabetically, filter products by size, color, price range, etc
  • Among various options allowing you to fully customize the AMP theme, there are also pagination templates that conveniently guide users to browse other products
Build Category Pages That Convert - Magento AMP Theme One

Create Standout Product Displays

Provide clear and in-depth product information on your product pages, giving the potential customers enough data to make a purchase decision. AMP Theme One allows you to customize the layout, appearance, and additional options of product display to communicate the offering clearly and effectively.

  • Select the template for product gallery, short information, and color swatches
  • Decide whether to show the Add to Wishlist icon or product quantity selector next to the Add To Cart button
  • Choose the display style of Product Details, Information & Reviews - in tabs or accordions
  • Select the appearance of social network icons
Create Standout Product Displays - Magento AMP Theme One

Sell Products of All Types

Our AMP development team has gone to great lengths to make it possible to sell all Magento 2 product types on AMP pages. Our loyal customers who already use the previous versions of the AMP extension will greatly appreciate the support of all custom options, instead of using the AMP iFrame on AMP Magento 2 themes.

  • Enjoy the full support of Magento custom product options for simple products in AMP mode
  • AMP Theme supports and displays Magento configurable products smoothly on AMP pages. Customers can change product options and immediately see updated prices and gallery pictures. Moreover, you can add custom options and enjoy native Magento 2 color swatches support for configurable products
  • We have recreated Magento functionality in AMP pages: your customers can add to the cart a different number of grouped products, saving time and shopping more efficiently
  • AMP theme allows customers to browse bundle products on AMP pages and be redirected to the main responsive Magento theme when customizing them
  • Purchase downloadable products individually or several at a time while staying in AMP mode
  • From now on, you can enjoy the support of virtual products on Magento 2 AMP Theme One
  • AMP Theme One allows displaying all Magento product types not leaving the AMP mode, including gift cards for Magento Commerce. Customers will enjoy having the ability to purchase gift cards on fast-loaded and mobile-friendly AMP pages
Sell Products of All Types

Benefit From RTL Support

Whether you run a local business in countries that use RTL script direction or you want to target the Middle East to convert more customers, the AMP Theme One satisfies all business needs.

With AMP Theme by Plumrocket, you do not have to pay twice or install third-party plugins in order to have your website in Arabic and English. We provide you with Right-to-Left script support for your AMP pages so that AMP can be used internationally.

Sell Products of All Types

How to Customize Magento 2 AMP Theme

The theme customization process is quite straightforward. Moreover, you have 3 options to do it either yourself or with the help of professionals:

  1. 1. Use theme backend configurations

    Theme configurations in the Magento admin panel are very flexible to customize the design of your AMP pages. You are provided with general AMP extension configurations to set up your AMP pages, as well as a separate AMP theme configuration tab. Various templates, layouts, and color settings allow you to fully customize your AMP theme so that it looks beautiful and matches your store’s design. You can also use our extensive user guide to configure the theme properly.

  2. 2. Make use of AMP Development Service by Plumrocket

    Under AMP Development Service, our seasoned developers will help you customize your AMP theme, as well as integrate custom design elements, functionality, and third-party services. In addition, they have been working on AMP projects since the inception of AMP technology, thus have enough experience to keep your website fast and score 90+ in Core Web Vitals.

  3. 3. Hire AMP developers

    You can entrust the theme customization to your own development team. Otherwise, hire Magento AMP developers who will handle this process.