Is Your Magento Site Ready for Google AMP?

Is Your Magento Site Ready  for Google AMP?

Google announced on August 02, 2016 that it is expanding the scope of its Accelerated Mobile Pages program to include all sites, including E-commerce websites.

Is Your Magento Site Ready for AMP?

Ready or not, it’s coming to Google search results, and it’s arriving in a big way!

Read Why Google AMP is Important for your Magento Store:

At the very least, ecommerce sites should make sure their content pages are AMP-ready. Read more>>


Google’s AMP wins, hands-down, as a place to share mobile optimized content easily and quickly. Read more>>


…Create mobile optimized content once and have it load instantly everywhere.

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Any website that uses AMP will see faster load times. Read more>>


Today we’re sharing an early preview of our expanded AMP support across the entire search results page –not just the “Top stories” section. Read more>>

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Sites that follow these specifications to the letter will receive special treatment from Google. Starting this week, AMP-optimized new stories now appear at the top of Google’s mobile search results. Read more>>


There are already over 150 million AMP documents from over 650,000 domains in Google’s index. Read more>>


AMP helps the Washington Post increase returning users from mobile search by 23%. Read more>>

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