How to Configure Cross-Sells in Magento 2

In this article, you will learn how to create and manage cross-sell products in Magento 2.

1. In your Magento 2 admin panel, go to Products > Catalog

2. Select the required product and click “Edit”

3. Click “Add Cross-Sell Products” under Related Products, Up-Sells, and Cross-Sells

Step-by-Step action:

  1. Once on the product edit page – scroll down and select Related Products, Up-Sells, and Cross-sells tab.
  2. Choose Add Cross-Sell Products option.

4. Select the cross-sell product(s)

Step-by-Step action:

  1. Select the cross-sell product(s) for this product.
  2. Press the Add Selected Products button to save your settings.

5. Click “Save” on the Product Edit page

Save your product settings by pressing the Save button on the Product Edit page.

After you save your settings, the cross-sell product(s) will be assigned to the required product. Please repeat these steps for other products, if needed.

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