Can I Set Cart Reservation Reminder in My Magento 2 Store

Magento 2 cart reservation reminder is an extremely useful tool to boost sales and create even more urgency provided by the Magento 2 Cart Timer extension. It signifies that the product reservation time is running out, and offers going to checkout with a special button, which speeds up the customer buying decision process.

The cart reservation reminder can be enabled or disabled right from your Magento backend. You can also set its display time before the reservation ends and create a custom popup template. What’s more, the reservation expiration popup displays both global and separate timers. For example, you set a separate timer, and there are multiple items in your shopping cart. In that case, the timer is applied to each product individually, and the notification popup shows up depending on the timer that expires first.

How to Set a Product Reservation Reminder Popup

In order to display a reminder popup, follow these simple steps:

  1. In the main Magento menu, Navigate to Plumrocket -> Cart Reservation -> Configuration
  2. Scroll down to the Reminder Popup section
  3. Choose Yes for Enable Reminder Popup
  4. In the Popup Display Time option, set a time for the notification popup to be displayed before the reservation ends
  5. Click Save Config to apply your changes

    Magento 2 Cart Reservation Extension - Reminder Popup 1

Important! Make sure the Display Popup Time you set is shorter than the Default Cart Reservation Time.

Here is how the Cart Reservation reminder looks on the frontend:

Magento 2 Cart Reservation Extension - Reminder Popup Frontend

How to Customize the Magento 2 Cart Reservation Reminder Popup

You can easily customize the reservation reminder popup from your Magento 2 backend:

In the main Magento menu, go to Plumrocket tab -> Cart Reservation -> Configuration -> Reminder Popup -> Popup Template. You can edit the popup in two modes: visual editor and HTML editor, and switch between them with the Show/Hide Editor button.

Magento 2 Cart Reservation Extension - Reminder Popup 2

We hope this article will come in handy for you. Also, if you have any other questions or suggestions regarding our Magento 2 Cart Timer plugin, feel free to contact us.


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