How do I Create and Test AMP for Emails in Magento 2

We have prepared several articles to save your time and speed up the development of new amp email templates for your ecommerce store. 

First, we suggest you read our blog article - How to create and test AMP Emails?. In this article you will find lots of examples and links to the official documentation from Google.

Once you get a better idea about AMP Email markup, email structure, supported components, etc. you will be ready for step 2: Testing AMP Emails in Gmail Development Mode. This Magento manual provides exact steps to send test emails from your store backend using the Plumrocket module.

Lastly, once you have enabled your AMP Emails and tested them in development mode, you can proceed to the third step - Registering with Google to send AMP Emails in Production Mode. You need to complete this step in order to send your transactional emails to any customer using Gmail accounts.

Still Need Help?

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