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version 1.3.3
Price: $199.00
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  • 1 year of updates and support
  • No subscriptions
  • CE: 2.3.x - 2.4.7
    EE: 2.3.x - 2.4.7
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Data Privacy Extensions:
US Privacy Laws

The Magento LGPD extension makes your website fully compliant with Brazil’s General Data Protection Law (Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados Pessoais (LGPDP or LGPD). It protects both the merchants (data controllers) and Magento site visitors (data subjects).

  • Ensures compliance with all LGPD rights: the right to anonymize or delete personal data, to correct inaccurate data, to download (portability of data), to know which information is shared, and the right to revoke consents.

  • Users can download, anonymize, or delete personal data, revoke consents, view Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and contact Data Protection Officer (DPO).

  • Merchants can enable cookie consent banner, view all downloads and removal requests, manage customer consents, and configure notifications.

  • CE: 2.3.x - 2.4.7
    EE: 2.3.x - 2.4.7
  • 100%
    Open Code
  • 60 Days
    Refund Policy
  • Marketplace
Product Details
Version: 1.3.3 (May 16, 2024)
Documentation: User Guide
Live Demo: View
Code Visibility: 100% Open Code
Supported CE - EE: CE 2.3.x - 2.4.7
EE 2.3.x - 2.4.7
License: Single Magento Installation
Free Updates & Support: 1 year (Details)
No subscriptions
Refund Policy: 60 Days (View)

Key Features of Magento 2 LGPD Extension

All-In-One LGPD Solution for Magento 2

All-In-One LGPD Solution for Magento 2

  • LGPD Magento Extension offers an easy way to access all data protection options in one place.
  • Customers can Download personal data, Delete and Anonymize their accounts, revoke or update their consents. They can view Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, contact the Data Protection Officer (DPO) and Update their Email Preferences from the "Privacy Center Dashboard" in their accounts.
Full Compliance with Brazil's General Data Protection Law (LGPD)

Full Compliance with Brazil's General Data Protection Law (LGPD)

  • This Magento 2 extension covers all personal rights under Brazil’s Privacy Law (Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados Pessoais LGPDP)
  • The plugin allows your customers (data subjects) to access and correct inaccurate data, anonymize or delete personal data, download data, revoke consents, and learn how their information is shared and processed.
Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Data Protection Officer (DPO)

  • LGPD plugin allows Magento merchants to enable Data Protection Officer (DPO) feature from the back-end for clients to contact the DPO for any data privacy-related questions.
  • Brazil’s Data Protection Law states that “the controller shall appoint an officer to be in charge of data processing.” It means that all companies must appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO) responsible for all communications with data subjects (customers).
Download Personal Information

Download Personal Information

  • Registered customers and Guests can access and download an archive of their account data. Downloading customer information is a password-protected process. Consumer information will be downloaded in Spreadsheet (Excel, CSV) file format, allowing to quickly transfer it to another service (portability of data).
  • Admin can keep track of all download requests from Magento backend.
  • LGPD API allows you to download data from third-party applications.
Permanently Delete & Anonymize Customer Account

Permanently Delete & Anonymize Customer Account

  • Customers can request to delete the personal information from your store permanently. LGPD module will automatically delete the data within 24 hours unless the user or Admin cancels the removal request.
  • Merchants can view a full log of account removal requests from the Magento backend.
  • Developers can use LGPD API to delete or anonymize data from third-party applications.
Geo-Targeting For Brazilian Residents

Geo-Targeting For Brazilian Residents

  • Plumrocket LGPD module uses integrated GeoIP functionality and Customer Billing Address to detect your viewer’s country and display personalized content for that viewer.
  • Cookie Consent Banner and Consent Checkboxes can be enabled for Brazillian residents and disabled for the rest of the world.
LGPD Cookie Consent Banner

LGPD Cookie Consent Banner

  • Benefit from the free Magento 2 Cookie Consent extension ($129 value) bundled with this LGPD plugin to enable Cookie Consent Notice at your Magento 2 store. Conveniently change its design, modify texts and background colors from the backend.
  • Customers can customize cookie preferences by turning on/off specific cookie categories (marketing, preferences, statistics, etc.) and browse the list of included cookies in each category.
  • The Cookies will be created only after the user clicks on the "Accept Cookies" button.
Automated Consent Management

Automated Consent Management

  • According to the LGPD, Magento merchants shall obtain specific consent from the data subject.
  • Admin can add consent checkboxes (such as "I agree to the Privacy Policy" or "I agree to the TOS”, "I am over 16 years old", etc.) on the registration page, checkout page, contact us page, newsletter subscription page. Developers can add checkboxes manually using our API guide.
  • A customer can view and revoke all consents from the "My Account" section.
Popup and Email Notifications

Popup and Email Notifications

  • Use popup notifications to request customer consent to the updated versions of the Privacy Policy, TOS, Cookie Policy, or any other agreement upon successful login.
  • Notify users by email when their account data was successfully downloaded, or a removal request created.
Built-in Support of Plumrocket Data Privacy Extensions

Built-in Support of Plumrocket Data Privacy Extensions

  • Plumrocket offers a full set of data privacy extensions for Magento 2 - GDPR, CCPA, LGPD.
  • LGPD Magento 2 Extension will work seamlessly with other Plumrocket data privacy extensions on the same Magento store, allowing your company to become compliant with all major data privacy laws.
  • Whether your business is local or international, our extensions cover all major data protection regulations in Brazil and around the world.
Compatible with Custom & Third party Magento 2 themes

Compatible with Custom & Third party Magento 2 themes

  • The Magento 2 LGPDP module is designed to work flawlessly on any third party Magento 2 theme. Whether it is your custom theme or a popular theme like Ultimo, Shopper, Fortis, etc. – it supports them all.
  • Compatible with the latest Community and Enterprise Editions of Magento 2 Ecommerce Platform.

Overview of Magento 2 LGPD Extension

LGPD Module from Plumrocket is an all-in-one LGPD solution for Magento 2 that comes with easy to use Privacy Center Dashboard and flexible admin settings to ensure your store’s compliance with the Brazil Data Protection Law of 2018.

All Features:

  • Customers can download personal information from the Privacy Center Dashboard in My Account. The archive will include the following data: customer information, addresses, full order history, price, and stock alerts, products in the cart, reviews, wishlist, compared products, etc. Developers may use LGPD API for Magento 2 to retrieve additional data.
  • Users can request to remove their data from your store. Customers can cancel data removal requests when they sign-in to their account within 24 hours after the data removal request was submitted. LGPDP plugin prevents customers with pending orders to delete the account until all orders are completed or canceled.
  • Consent management allows Merchants to keep track of all customer consents from the Magento backend.
  • LGPD functionality will be automatically integrated into all CMS pages and can be enabled for each page separately. Admin can track versions for specific CMS pages (TOS, Privacy Policy, etc.) and view revision history.
  • Admin can enable popup notifications and notify customers about policy updates upon successful login. Popup notifications are useful when asking customers to agree to the updated version of the "Privacy Policy", TOS, Cookie Policy, or any other agreement.
  • Compatible with Plumrocket CCPA module, Plumrocket GDPR extension, and Plumrocket Cookie Consent extensions.
  • 100% open code Magento 2 extension

Reviews of Magento 2 LGPD Extension

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  • Great privacy extension!
    United States Sofia Oliveira posted on November 25, 2023. Review for Magento 2.x
    This extension is a lifesaver for my online business across Brazil. It effortlessly ensures compliance with LGPD, giving me and my customers peace of mind.
  • Recommend this extension.
    United States Daniel Medina posted on August 15, 2022. Review for Magento 2.x
    We are using this extension for our company, it is really easy to configure and use. It has helped us a lot in managing our LGPD compliance and it fulfills all the requirements that we needed. The support that Plumrocket provides to this extension is great and fast.
  • Helped a lot
    United States Roger Demir posted on December 18, 2021. Review for Magento 2.x
    I've been using this extension for a few months now and it works very well. I would recommend to anyone who needs an LGPD-compliant solution with a highly customizable cookie consent popup.
  • Has everything we need
    United States Carlos Montes posted on November 30, 2020. Review for Magento 2.x
    Thanks to Plumrocket for a great plugin. Recently we started shipping our products to Brazil and LGPD compliance was on top of our list. We have other plugins from this company and happy they built the LGPD extension right on time for us. Everything works fine so far and we are happy with the purchase.

Change Log of Magento 2 LGPD Extension

Last Update:  May 16, 2024
Legend:  - new feature - bug fix
Cookie Consent Extension for Magento 2 - v2.0.0 Apr 08, 2024

v2.0.0 - Apr 08, 2024

  • Refactored code structure and architecture to simplify integration with Hyvä themes
  • Added support of Magento 2.4.7 version

v1.11.2 - Feb 23, 2024

  • Fixed an issue where Consent Mode V2 types were not being applied

v1.11.1 - Feb 21, 2024

  • Added support of Google Consent Mode V2

v1.11.0 - Apr 03, 2023

  • Added support of Magento 2.4.6 version
  • Improved cookie blocking

v1.10.1 - Feb 13, 2023

  • Fixed updating the cookie settings popup when clicking the Accept All/Decline All buttons (with the setting to reload pages after accepting/declining cookies disabled)

v1.10.0 - Jan 23, 2023

  • Optimized extension for faster GTM initialization

v1.9.0 - Dec 16, 2022

  • Added support of YouTube privacy-enhanced mode

v1.8.2 - Nov 16, 2022

  • Fixed deleting cookies from the second-level domain

v1.8.1 - Nov 02, 2022

  • Added visualization to the Cookie Consent Banner display style setting in extension configurations

v1.8.0 - Oct 20, 2022

  • Added a new way to customize Cookie Settings Panel, now you can display it in a popup window

v1.7.0 - Oct 10, 2022

  • Fixed deletion of declined cookies in which the domain does not match the site's domain

v1.6.3 - Sep 28, 2022

  • Added the ability to translate more content for the Cookie Settings Panel directly from the extension backend

v1.6.2 - Sep 09, 2022

  • Fixed a PHP error that could occur when saving Consent Types configurations

v1.6.1 - Aug 29, 2022

  • Added support of Magento 2.4.5 version

v1.6.0 - Jun 01, 2022

  • Improved the Cookie Consent Log in the admin panel. Now guest visitor consents are logged, as well as the User Agent and page URL where a user gave their consent

v1.5.0 - May 05, 2022

  • Added support of Google Tag Manager Consent Mode, now the administrator can flexibly adjust how each individual Google Tag will work depending on the client's cookie agreement

v1.4.1 - Apr 12, 2022

  • Added support of Magento 2.4.4 version
  • Minor changes and improvements

v1.4.0 - Mar 21, 2022

  • Added a new way to integrate third-party scripts with the extension functionality, read more details in the updated Developer Guide
  • Minor changes and improvements

v1.3.0 - Feb 04, 2022

  • Migrated install/upgrade scripts to declarative schema
  • Discontinued support of Magento 2.2.x
  • Minor changes and improvements

v1.2.5 - Jan 28, 2022

  • Fixed the compatibility issue with the default Magento Cookie Restriction Mode. When a site visitor has accepted default Magento Cookie Restriction Notice, the Cookie Consent Banner provided by the extension does not appear
  • Minor changes and improvements

v1.2.4 - Oct 25, 2021

  • Minor changes and improvements

v1.2.3 - Sep 21, 2021

  • Fixed ACL settings for admin users
  • Minor changes and improvements

v1.2.2 - Jun 18, 2021

  • Fixed an issue with ModSecurity that prohibited the use of “*” (asterisk) in SQL queries and blocked access to the site (REQUEST-942-APPLICATION-ATTACK-SQLI rule). The use of “*” is changed to “all” when users accept all cookies

v1.2.1 - Mar 26, 2021

  • Fixed Cookie Consent Log grid filtering by Email field

v1.2.0 - Feb 17, 2021

  • Added the ability to add a link to the footer "Cookie Settings" which opens the Cookie Settings Panel
  • Added Cookie Settings Button widget to display "Cookie Settings" button or link
  • Added "Cookie Settings" link on the "My Privacy Center" page in the Data Privacy module
  • Resolved PHP error that occurred during module installation.
  • Fixed the setting Cookie Settings Panel → Decline Button → Show. The button disappears when enabled, previously it was always displayed regardless of the setting

v1.1.2 - Jan 28, 2021

  • Minor changes and improvements

v1.1.1 - Dec 10, 2020

  • Added the ability to set blur background under the Cookie Consent Banner
  • Added the ability to set cookies in a free format, such as cookie_ *, where the asterisk replaces any number of characters.
  • Minor changes and improvements
  • Fixed Cookie Consent Banner option - "Overlay Background Color"

v1.1.0 - Oct 16, 2020

  • Added the ability to display Cookie Banner as a pop-up
  • Added the ability to block the site (Full-Screen Cookie Wall) until a customer allows the use of cookies or configures cookies.
  • Added the ability to select the categories to be chosen in Settings Panel when a customer first enters to configure cookies by category

v1.0.2 - Sep 17, 2020

  • Corrected the display of the "Duration" field's description on "Edit Cookie" page in the backend.
  • “Decline All“ action is now recorded in a log when “Decline All“ or “Decline“ is selected.

v1.0.1 - Aug 05, 2020

  • Fixed a bug when Cookie Restriction Mode was always disabled if our module was disabled.
  • Fixed cookie "user_allowed_save_cookie", now the cookie is saved in the same format as it is saved by default in Magento.

v1.0.0 - Jul 30, 2020

  • Created Cookie Consent Magento 2 Extension
Data Privacy Extension for Magento 2 - v3.5.3 May 16, 2024

v3.5.3 - May 16, 2024

  • Added support of Hyvä themes
  • Added support of Magento 2.4.7 version

v3.5.2 - Jun 13, 2023

  • Removed dynamic property to ensure compatibility with PHP 8.2

v3.5.1 - Apr 12, 2023

  • Added support of Magento 2.4.6 version

v3.5.0 - Dec 22, 2022

  • Added the ability to edit and translate the Privacy Center content from the extension configuration page

v3.4.1 - Nov 18, 2022

  • Fixed the checkbox display on the My Consents page

v3.4.0 - Aug 29, 2022

  • Updated integration with Magento 2 Social Login Pro extension
  • Minor changes and improvements

v3.3.1 - Jun 22, 2022

  • Fixed an error in db_schema that occurred when installing the extension

v3.3.0 - Jun 06, 2022

  • Added the ability to automatically delete inactive account data
  • Added support of Magento 2.4.4 version
  • Migrated install/upgrade scripts to declarative schema

v3.2.1 - Feb 02, 2022

  • Fixed anonymization of user emails in the Removal Requests grid

v3.2.0 - Dec 02, 2021

  • Added the ability to delete and anonymize user data from the admin panel
  • Minor changes and improvements

v3.1.0 - Oct 25, 2021

  • Improved module architecture to simplify customizations and third-party integrations
  • Discontinued support of Magento 2.2.x

v3.0.3 - Apr 08, 2021

  • Fixed the display of the My Consents link on the My Privacy Center page. Now it is hidden from guests. Previously, when clicking on the My Consents link, guests were redirected to a 404 page.

v3.0.2 - Dec 21, 2020

  • Added integration with Plumrocket Popup Login extension.

v3.0.1 - Nov 13, 2020

  • Added integration with Plumrocket LGPD Magento 2 Extension

v3.0.0 - Nov 05, 2020

  • From this version CCPA and GDPR functionality has been separated into two new products. Please check CCPA Extension and GDPR Extension changelogs for more information.

v2.0.4 - Oct 23, 2020

  • Resolved PHP error of sorting Consent Log grid by Email field.

v2.0.3 - Aug 28, 2020

  • Fixed error “Registry key "prgdpr_skip_save_consents" already exists“ that occurred while registering via social network using Social Login Pro

v2.0.2 - Aug 13, 2020

  • Added compatibility with PHP 7.4
  • Minor changes and improvements
  • Fixed error “We can't save the customer“ occurred during registration with a subscription

v2.0.1 - Aug 01, 2020

  • Fixed issue with consent checkboxes disappearing when customers switch payment methods at the checkout on IE 11

v2.0.0 - Jul 30, 2020

  • Renamed extension to Data Privacy
  • CCPA functionality is separated into CCPA extension (included with this version of Data Privacy extension)
  • Cookie management functionality is separated into Cookie Consent extension (included with this version of Data Privacy extension)
  • Added support of widgets in CMS page that is displayed in a pop-up related to consent checkbox

v1.7.6 - Jul 09, 2020

  • Fixed PHP error that appeared when personal data was downloaded.

v1.7.5 - May 25, 2020

  • Added integration with Newsletter Popup extension

v1.7.4 - Apr 08, 2020

  • Fixed the bug with data export for Magento Cloud

v1.7.3 - Mar 16, 2020

  • Fixed errors when exporting or deleting the data

v1.7.2 - Feb 27, 2020

  • All guests consents are recorded and can be viewed in 'Log of Customer Consents' in the backend
  • Fixed an issue with check-box displayed on "My Consents" page not related to Geo Location of the customer

v1.7.1 - Feb 19, 2020

  • Fixed error that was displayed during the module update to the latest version

v1.7.0 - Feb 18, 2020

  • Added "My consents" page

v1.6.0 - Jan 30, 2020

  • Added a possibility to upload and delete personal information for guests.

v1.5.1 - Jan 27, 2020

  • Fixed compatibility with Magento 2.2.0

v1.5.0 - Jan 13, 2020

  • Added an ability to enable CCPA functionality only for California Residents
  • Improvements of "Do Not Sell My Personal Information" for the guests
  • Minor changes and improvements

v1.4.5 - Dec 20, 2019

  • CCPA update: Added "Do Not Sell My Personal Information" Page for guests and customers. All requests are now recorded in a separate data grid in Magento backend.

v1.4.4 - Dec 13, 2019

  • Added support for California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 ('CCPA')

v1.4.2 - Oct 28, 2019

  • Fixed the issue with the configuration of Consent Location check-box

v1.4.1 - Oct 04, 2019

  • Fixed error in XMLHttpRequest on account's page
  • Fixed error with duplicated pop-up display after clients confirmation

v1.4.0 - Jun 28, 2019

  • The consent checkboxes are moved to the separate grid in backend
  • Added possibility to create the custom locations for consent checkboxes
  • The simplified custom display of consent checkboxes on any page
  • Discontinued support of Magento 2.1.x
  • Fixed issue with data export of Magento customer on the nginx servers

v1.3.1 - Mar 25, 2019

  • Improved compatibility with smartwave themes
  • Fixed issue with customers' data removal on their demand
  • Minor improvements and fixes

v1.3.0 - Jan 25, 2019

  • Added the support of Magento Enterprise
  • Fixed a bug for Single Store Mode

v1.2.0 - Oct 25, 2018

  • Added a possibility to make checkboxes optional
  • Add new position where checkboxes can be located - Contact Us page
  • Added possibility to Decline Cookies
  • Fixed issue with clicking on checkbox link, when CMS is not set for it
  • Optimized the consent logs recording process
  • Minor changes and improvements

v1.1.1 - Oct 18, 2018

  • Improved support of SmartWave Porto Magento Theme
  • Improved support of Infortis Ultimo Magento Theme
  • Improved support of Weltpixel Pearl Magento Theme
  • Fixed argument error on Checkout Page
  • Fixed error with Amazon Pay on Checkout Page

v1.1.0 - Sep 20, 2018

  • Added integration with Plumrocket GeoIP Lookup Magento extension
  • Added tracking of cookies consent in admin logs
  • Fixed incompatibility issues with Magento versions 2.1.x
  • Fixed error that occurred during export of wishlist products, that are out of stock
  • Minor improvements
  • Minor bug fixes

v1.0.1 - Sep 13, 2018

  • Fixed error on the checkout when extension is disabled
  • Minor improvements

v1.0.0 - Jul 19, 2018

  • Released GDPR Extension for Magento 2
GeoIP Lookup Extension for Magento 2 - v1.3.5 Oct 12, 2023

v1.3.5 - Oct 12, 2023

  • Added support of HTTPS for ipapi professional plans

v1.3.4 - Apr 12, 2023

  • Added support of Magento 2.4.6 version

v1.3.3 - Oct 13, 2022

  • Fixed duplicate display of extension information on the configuration page

v1.3.2 - Aug 31, 2022

  • Added support of Magento 2.4.5 version

v1.3.1 - May 11, 2022

  • Fixed extension installation error related to invalid db_schema.xml

v1.3.0 - May 02, 2022

  • Added support of Magento 2.4.4 version
  • Discontinued support of Magento 2.2.x
  • Migrated install/upgrade scripts to declarative schema

v1.2.5 - Oct 25, 2021

  • Updated the Iptocountry base
  • Minor changes and improvements

v1.2.4 - Mar 30, 2021

  • Minor changes and improvements

v1.2.3 - Dec 21, 2020

  • Minor changes and improvements
  • Resolved an issue of identifying a user's IP address if a site uses Cloudflare CDN

v1.2.2 - Jul 30, 2020

  • Added integration with Cookie Consent extension.

v1.2.1 - Jul 14, 2020

  • Minor changes and improvements

v1.2.0 - Jul 07, 2020

  • Discontinued support of Magento 2.1.x
  • Added integration with Cookie Consent module.
  • Changed API URL format
  • Fixed 500 Internal Server Error when using GeoIP API

v1.1.3 - Dec 13, 2019

  • Added support for CCPA
  • Minor fixes in the design of the backend

v1.1.2 - Oct 04, 2019

  • Updated code to be in line with the latest Magento coding standards (EQP3)

v1.1.1 - Apr 03, 2019

  • Minor improvments

v1.1.0 - Nov 21, 2018

  • Added the support of service priority selection via code and API
  • Improved support of (previously called Nekudo)
  • Optimized Maxmind performance

v1.0.0 - Sep 20, 2018

  • Created GeoIP Lookup for Magento 2
LGPD Extension for Magento 2 - v1.1.1 Apr 13, 2023

v1.1.1 - Apr 13, 2023

  • Added support of Magento 2.4.6 version

v1.1.0 - Jun 06, 2022

  • Added support of Magento 2.4.4 version
  • Discontinued support of Magento 2.2.x

v1.0.0 - Nov 13, 2020

  • Released LGPD Extension for Magento 2