Magento 1 Landing Pages v1.x Translating

3 Ways to Translate Your Magento Extension

All Plumrocket Magento extensions include English localization by default, however you can translate any extension into your native language. Use one of the ways described below to translate our Magento extensions into your mother tongue.

Magento Extension Inline Translation

To read more about Magento inline translation, please check our article – “How to translate Magento extension using inline translation”.

Magento Extension Theme Files Translation

To read more about Magento theme translation files (csv), please check our article – “How to translate Magento extension using theme files translation “.

How to Translate Magento Landing Pages Extension Using Locale CSV File

Important Information:

Make sure to disable Magento cache while working with the .csv translation. Otherwise, your changes will not be displayed instantly.

1. The default language of your Magento store is English. If you need to perform translation into any other language using your .csv file, simply go to the “en_US” directory (as it is shown below) and copy the file into the needed locale:


2. As an example we will show how to perform German translation of the .csv file here. Please, check an example of the path to the German locale where we have copied the .csv file to be translated.


3. Open the “de_De/Plumrocket_Signup.csv” file using any text editor (e.g. Notepad++) and translate the second phrase of each string.

All the strings in your .csv file should start and end with double quotes and should be separated with comma [,]

The translated text should look like this:

"Add to Cart", "Translated Text"

Please, check an example of translation into German:

"Add to Cart", "In den Warenkorb"

For more details on how to edit .csv files during the translation, please read here.

If you performed your translations according to our manuals, but some of the words are still not translated – you can contact our support service. Help Magento community by sharing translations in your native language. Just email your translations file and we will include it on our Wiki.

To read more information about Magento translations, please click here.

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