Magento AMP Migration Service

Magento AMP Migration Service

Price: $199.00

Upgrade your AMP extension to get more features, design templates, and excellent Core Web Vitals. Let our AMP development team take care of all the hassle of safe deployment while switching Plumrocket AMP from version 2.x to v3.x.

  • Significantly improve Core Web Vitals of your Magento store

  • Safe, secure, and fast upgrade of AMP Pages in your environment

  • Full test and validation of your AMP pages after the migration is complete

Overview of Magento AMP Migration Service

If you already use the Magento AMP extension by Plumrocket, our development team helps you migrate from v2 to v3. The new version, redesigned from scratch, provides additional features and flexible design solutions.

Now your AMP pages are based on an AMP theme, becoming feature-rich and attractive, with lots of dynamic elements and templates. Most importantly, they are faster and more user-friendly, which provides a better page experience and thus increases your revenue.

Optimized for Core Web Vitals and SEO, these blazing-fast mobile pages will convert every visitor into a buyer.

All in all, the extension has been fundamentally changed, and we will be happy to help you upgrade, keeping your previous AMP settings. So do not bother about migration and testing - rely on us.

Magento 2 AMP Migration Service Includes:

  • Migration performed for one Magento Installation only
  • Complete removal of old Plumrocket AMP extension v2 and installation of the new version v3
  • Full migration of old settings from Plumrocket AMP v2 to v3
  • Safe deployment in the production environment
  • Post-release testing & AMP markup validation in your environment

Please note that this Magento AMP Migration Service does not include additional design and template customizations. Instead, you can check the AMP Development Service plans and choose the one that suits your business initiatives.

Additionally, we need to disable all customizations made for AMP v2 in order to successfully migrate and ensure that AMP pages are valid. Please request a quote, and we will migrate any of your custom-developed design elements and features, as they may need some code modification.

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