Module Plumrocket_GDPR has been already defined

Issue Description

When updating Magento 2 GDPR extension, you may encounter the following issue:

Uncaught LogicException: Module 'Plumrocket_GDPR' from 'vendor/plumrocket/module-gdpr' has been already defined in 'vendor/plumrocket/module-gdpr-old'

In order for Magento Marketplace customers to download the GDPR extension, we have changed the extension composer package name from plumrocket / module-gdpr to plumrocket / module-gdpr-old.
Therefore, when updating a module via composer, the issue may occur due to duplicate modules.


To complete the extension update, you need to remove the plumrocket / module-gdpr package with the following command:

composer remove plumrocket/module-gdpr
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