Magento Estimated Delivery Date v1.x Overview

Estimated Delivery Date

Estimated Delivery Date Extension is designed to let the customer know the expected delivery date of the product he is going to buy.

The functionality of this magento delivery date extension is based on the hierarchical way of date identification – if the delivery date is not set for the product, system will use the date set for the boutique. If there is nothing, system will use the date set for the catalog of boutiques, or keep looking for the date up to the root directory. You can set the magento delivery date for both catalogs and products separately so that your customers could see the estimated date of delivery.

You can also provide a text that will be displayed to the customer on each product or catalog page. For instance, you can provide the text “Product will be delivered within 5 to 7 business days after purchase” – if there is a text added to the product, the system will ignore the delivery date, i.e. the text has higher priority over the date.

If there is no text or date set for the products/catalogs, the system will check whether the Private Sales Extension is installed. If it is, and there is a closing date set for some of the boutiques, the delivery date will be determined by means of two parameters: the end-of-sales date plus the number of dates set by the website administrator for the product to be delivered. If there is no Private Sales Extension installed in the system, or there is no end-of-sales date set for boutiques/group of boutiques, the default text will be displayed in the front-end.

Extension Features

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