Private Sales v.2.0: Open access to restricted pages

Configuring open access to restricted pages

Sometimes it is necessary to make your MAgento private sales site available to those visitors who have not yet registered or are not logged in. Note, you may want to not only make a single page available, but also make all boutiques, group of boutiques or separate items easily accessible too. This is extremely important for your membership site to be able to facilitate back-links from Newsletters, for Social Media buttons such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. and for Google to index your pages or for visitors to preview forthcoming sales. For example: by not using the open links function your visitors would be immediately taken to your Splash page for sign up as opposed to the page you want them to see.

Below you will learn how to configure open access to restricted pages for website visitors without making the whole of the websites features accessible.

First, follow the steps described below:

Step-by-Step action:

  1. Click on the “System” tab in main menu.
  2. Choose “Configuration”.

Follow the instructions below to complete configuration.

Detailed description:

  1. Choose “Plumrocket Url Manager” tab in the left side menu.
  2. Select the tab “General”.
  3. Option “Enable Plumrocket Url Manager”: Make sure “Yes” is set in this field.
  4. Select the tab “Access to restricted pages”.
  5. Option “Enable restricted pages”: Select “Yes”.
  6. Option “Open URL prefix 1”: allows you to enter the symbols to be used for generating the link leading to open website pages.
  7. Option “Open URL prefix 2”: is similar to the previous one, except for the fact that the link consisting of these symbols could be used when sending emails or other forms of marketing. This will help you track where the customers come from to your membership site, and evaluate the efficiency of the marketing campaigns you choose.
  8. Press “Save Config” button to save changes.

To learn more about links generation, move to URL Manager Module.

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