Promotion Campaign Is not Working: What Is Wrong?

Promotion Campaign Is not Working: What Is Wrong?

Running promotion campaigns is undoubtedly a great marketing tool. It is the fastest and the easiest way to attract visitors’ attention to your site and special offers you’ve prepared. There are many types of promotion campaigns: you can offer percentage-off coupons, limited time deals, use buy more/save more approach and offer some freebies.  You can use different ways to distribute your promotion campaigns, like banners, social media channels and sending promotional e-mails. But what should you do if all these means do not give you the expected result? In other words, what should you do if people do not subscribe after they have seen your promotion page?

Let’s find out what can be wrong with a promotion campaign if its conversion rate is very low.

1. Pay attention to the ‘grand prize’ you offer. If it is not attractive enough users will skip your promotion page in order not to waste time. Conversely, if the prize/or great offer is too attractive some people might think that they have small chances to win – it’s like the “too good to be true” story. So think carefully before you choose your grand prize.

2. Are there stock photos for your promotion campaign? It is a bad idea too. We have previously discussed why stock photos are not good for your site. But the main thing you should remember is that the key goal of a promotion page is to incite interest in your company and the products/services you offer. And answer the question – it is possible to incite users’ interest using old, hackneyed and overused images they have seen million times before? The answer is clear, isn’t it? So, use new and fresh images for your promotion campaigns online.

3. Some promotion campaigns ask for publicity from the winner. It is better not to do so, because for many reasons people might want to remain anonymous. Moreover, if a winner decides to share his joy of victory, he will be able to inform the entire world using his social media accounts.

4. You should also clearly indicate the time frames when the promotions campaign will be on. Note, it should not take between 5-20 days and the time left to enter should be always visible! Otherwise, users may procrastinate with getting registered and simply forget about you.

5. Let people clearly understand what they should do to enter. If there is no appropriate call to action or the page design is not perfect, users will throw your promotion page away immediately. Note, you should also check the technical issues too, since people are very likely to give up trying to enter the campaign if the system sends error messages. It is your task to make it all work properly if you want to increase promotion campaign conversions rate.

We hope you will find these tips useful. And now, will you share some promotion campaign ideas with us? Feel free to leave your comments below.