What Do You Do with Content in 2014?

What Do You Do with Content in 2014?

It was sometimes difficult to follow all the changes the Google team have made in SEO in 2013. It is no longer the contest of links popularity, but the call to providing high quality and trustworthy content that is 100% relevant and up-to-date. The good thing is that it reflects the old SEO law “Content is the King”. Thus, if you have worked in the realm of e-commerce and marketing for a while, this is not going to be something shocking for you in 2014.

So, let’s clarify what you should do with content in 2014.

1. Use Blogging to Provide Fresh Content.

It’s not a secret that any online business that has come to stay MUST have a blog. This is the best way to communicate with your customers, as well as a inform them of the new products or services you launch. Having a good blog is also the shortest way to create a community of loyal users who are very likely to share your posts via social media while telling more friends about your company.

However, the biggest challenge of having a blog in 2014 is to provide a really top class content that search engines love so much. Moreover, you should actively add information to your blog to achieve the maximum search engine visibility in 2014.

So, having an active and informative blog should be your top priority this year. If you, the company owner have to time to write blog posts yourself, get an experiences person to do it on a regular basis.

2. Opt for Guest Blogging!

As it was mentioned above, your blog must be active, and having guest posts your is a great opportunity to get relevant, high-quality, exclusive content on your blog. One of the trends to expect in 2014 is to get customer-centric with your content. Thus, consider writing posts that answer your customers’ questions in the first place.

To increase social media response, consider asking the guest author to share the post via all the social networking channels he has. Luckily, there are enough platforms to expect numerous users to read the post and learn about your company. There is one more benefit of guest blogging – if your posts are relevant and unique you can start reciprocal guest blogging by posting articles on popular and recognizable sites in your area. This will add to your online visibility too.

3. Don’t Try to Outwit Google.

If you don’t want your site to be hit by all Google penalties, just create your own content distribution channel: get a blog, create your social media company profiles (something you should have done already). The thing is that all these shares, likes, pluses, tweets, links, generated by social networks enable search engines to measure how valuable your content is.

Also, launch your own Youtube channel. Using video marketing turns out to be extremely effective in promoting your brand. It is not that difficult to create a short slideshow video telling about products and services you sell.  But having unique content will always keep you on the safe side in terms of search engine ranking.