Web Design: In Search for Inspiration

Web Design: In Search for Inspiration

Web design requires a creative type of personality. You have to be able to see that something special everywhere; you must have that sixth feeling to make you projects unique and impressive.

A good designer is a creative designer. But what should you do if instead of dozens of new ideas your mind produces only copies of what you have previously done or seen. In other words, what should you do to revive creativity inside of you?

If you want to know how to stimulate your brain, follow our tips!

  1. First, change your environment! Make all your senses impressed! Listen to the music that inspires you, decorate the walls with posters of your favorite designers, create interesting lightning. If possible, rearrange the furniture in a new way too. They say, redecoration has a positive impact on a person’s attitude to life, as well as, considerably increases the generation of new ideas.
  2. Let the client’s order though yourself. To define the problem more clearly, rewrite the client’s brief in your own words. This will help you dive into the matter and get your own vision of the problem.
  3. Use the “What, Why, How” Technique. If you feel like stuck keep asking ‘Why?’ to explore the undiscovered parts of the problem you are working on. If you are creating a website design, ask yourself what is the key task of this website, why does it have to be minimalist/conceptual/richly textured, etc. and how can your design appeal to visitor to the website? It might sound boring but try this technique and you will see that it really works.
  4. Let your mind wander. If you don’t know how to complete a definite stage of the project, don’t be afraid to experiment. Try to make the images mirrored or inverted. Consider switching the position of elements of design. Use different color palettes!
  5. Mind Mapping. Mind mapping is a great way to explore the topic. You will be surprised how many details you will be able to discover while creating your mind map. Who knows, some of these details can become a powerful impetus for the whole project.

Finally, don’t be critical
Remember, there are no bad ideas, just bad decisions. So, put down every idea that comes to your mind no matter how absurd/naïve it seems to be. The more ideas you have the more options you get for the best choice.