Using the Potential of Social Media Networks for Your Online Business

Using the Potential of Social Media Networks for Your Online Business

Did you know that nine out of ten visitors seek information using search engines? Did you know that eight out of ten visitors don’t bother to move past the first page of search results? And finally, do you understand the difficulty it takes to get to the top page of search engine ranks as well as make a visitor buy your products? A well-formed website is half the battle – you also have to make people visit your website.

If you have some experience in e-commerce, you probably know about the necessity of Search Engine Optimization. But today we will tell you about another marketing strategy to increase sales. It is Social Media Marketing.

Social Media Marketing can be an integral part of your SEO campaign. It is a powerful advertising tool for your business; since it will help you obtain publicity in the online community. You will also establish your brand image, increase visibility on the blogs and social networks, and gain authority in your segment. What is more important is that people will talk about you online: when they talk they remember, analyze, compare, and offer your products to their friends of relevant communities. If you are ambitious enough to interact with this online community, then you will be able to see new opportunities for your business and make strategic decisions.

But just like any marketing strategy Social Media Marketing needs a thorough plan to be successful. Consult an experienced SMM company to analyze your business and adequately represent it in the online world.

Social media strategy includes:

  • Representation of your online business on social networks.
  • Creation of interesting social media profiles of your business organization
  • Usage of ad blocks in social networks
  • Analysis of what visitors are saying about your products
  • Interaction and replying to your web audience.
  • Motivation of bloggers and audiences online.

Usually, such companies keep their clients informed by sending them reports on SMM campaign results (like most popular key phrases, cost per click, conversion rates, etc.) once a month.

Another advantage of the SSM strategy is that you can reach your target customers by controlling the CPC (cost per click) all the time – you pay only for those visitors who click on your advert.

We want to share a few tips on how to attract more visitors to your social network profile.

  1. Create a sense of mystery around your product – human curiosity will definitely attract visitors’ attention.
  2. Appeal to people’s emotions (hopes, desires, fears, and feelings) when considering your social media strategy; help them meet their basic psychological needs. Social networks’ residents are human beings after all.
  3. Don’t underestimate the good design of your social media profile. Remember that a better-looking product usually wins.

Finally, establishing yourself in social networks doesn’t mean that you “buy” friends online, but it will help you get more fans of your products to benefit from.