Using Google+ for Business: An Online Marketing Strategy

Using Google+ for Business: An Online Marketing Strategy

The benefits of Google+ have already been thoroughly analyzed by online marketing professionals. Due to the integration of Google Search and Google+ the system offers great opportunities for business.
With Google+ you will be able to create an influential and optimized profile for your business. Let’s find out how to do it in the right way.

1) Creating Your Profile: Focus on Introduction
Make sure you have a clear understanding of how visitors perceive you and your brand. Google+ for Business offers creating powerful introduction for your company profile. This includes such fields: “Professional Experience”, “Personal Information” and “Linking” aimed at giving your visitors an idea of what cooperation with you will look like. Be careful not to stuff your company profile with too many links, but make sure you have links to outside resources where it is appropriate.

2) Building Connections by Posting
Try to post original and interesting content and share your knowledge to attract the attention of new followers.
Curiosity is what drives traffic… and increases the number of visitors from this extremely growing community.

3) Providing Author Information in Search Results
Google search results now include author information. It comprises the author’s photo and you can add the person to your Google+ circles. If you want this information to appear next to your content consider these options:

  • Add your e-mail address and name to each blog post or article you create. Google will verify the data within your Google+ profile.
  • Add a Google Profile button to your website.
  • Add the link manually by replacing [profile_url] with the id in your Google+ profile web address in Google
  • Make sure that you link to other sites from the “Contribute to” area of your Google+ Profile.

4) Boosting Search with Google+
Google+ search functionality is said to favor its own content over others. Moreover, it excludes social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Online marketers see such a way to benefit from these changes – they offer to post lots of business-related information on your company page or Google+ Profile. By providing useful content and interacting with other users you will get added to their circles. The larger your network is, the more likely you will see your content ranked higher in search results.

5) Developing a Google+ Business Strategy.
Except for search visibility, Google+ can be used as a brilliant business strategy foundation. Having your company page in Google+ will give you the opportunities of collaboration and learning, community building and customer service, referrals and sharing.

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