Typical SEO Mistakes and a Little Something More…

Typical SEO Mistakes and a Little Something More…

Every now and then we can hear the question “Why my website doesn’t work?”. And it is a pity to hear these desperate appeals from beginning website owners. No wonder they are frustrated – they’ve paid for the business idea (or, hopefully, they made it up themselves), web hosting, web development, web design, they worked with photographers and marketers… and got nothing in the end: no traffic, to visitors, no customers, no return of expenses via PPC Ads. Anyone would feel desperate in this situation.

But now it’s time to stop moaning and start acting.

We, at Plumrocket Inc., suggest analyzing typical SEO mistakes which hamper the “visitor-to-customer” conversion.

  • In respect of SEO, make sure that the Keyword Search matches you landing page. Your landing page should be just “flooded” with the keywords you aim at. If you want your PPC campaign to pay off, pick the same set of keywords and keyphrases for your Ads too. Search Engine spiders are gonna love your landing page! A few more tips for search engine optimization can be found here.
  • A clear call to action is very often overlooked by beginning website owners too. Keep in mind that a focused call to action can easily convert your visitors into customers Encourage visitors to explore your website, move from one page to another, from one category to related subcategories. Let them comment, and tag the products, and of course, remind them of your presence and readiness to help your customers.  Here are the 12 best “call-to-action” phrases.
  • Another typical SEO mistake is too much flash on your website. IF you have a flash homepage… it is a disaster. It can be beautiful and appealing BUT how do you expect spiders to find your site (not to say – rank it highly), if you’ve added no content to your home or landing page?! Imagine that somehow a wandering Internet surfer encountered your website, how will he guess what you offer? You can hope for his curiosity, but inquiring internet users are a rare species in our rapid time. Have a look at this website design.flash homepage

It is beautiful and creative indeed, but unfortunately, it is invisible for search spiders and there’s no content to lead them further into the site…  So, what’s the use of it if doesn’t bring you, customers? It doesn’t mean that you should not use flash at all. But there are so many other pages for it, aren’t there? For more SEO Mistakes read here.

And finally… the little something we promised you: let your visitors see a personality behind your website. Make sure you have added a “personal touch” to your website to let the customers see not only a business partner in you but a reliable friend too. Your “About Us” page is where you can open your company’s heart by providing an effective bio of how it all started. You can also add social networking buttons and testimonials. Somebody’s good experience with your business will encourage visitors to your website to trust you more.

We tried these tips on our clients’ sites and got outstanding results. We hope that they will help you avoid typical SEO mistakes too and convert all your visitors to customers!