Viva Trajan?!

Viva Trajan?!

Today we’d like to tell you about Trajan – the font loved by numerous movie poster designers. Trajan is an old style typeface created by Carol Twombly when she was working for Adobe (in 1989). The designer based the font on Roman square capital letters engraved on the base of Trajan’s Column, hence, the name.

Initially, this font was meant to represent anything to do with the Roman Empire, religion, law, class or the past in general.

Unfortunately, Trajan was too often used in billboards, movie posters and ads, and this beautiful typeface has become the symbol of an easy way of movie promotion… and lazy movie marketers. This phenomenon was skillfully mocked by Kirby Ferguson.

If you are a Trajan fan too, you may check the various alternatives of this truly legendary font.