Reinventing corporate identity and create the best logo design

Reinventing corporate identity and create the best logo design
Very often companies tend to redesign their logos. We must say it’s not an easy task to find awesome logo ideas, since it’s  creating a new image of your product. Here we’ll try to show you the positive and negative sides of such a change.
Surfing the Internet you will find such tips on how to make the best logos. You can remove excessive elements, change the fonts, simplify the very design, change the colors or emphasize the main idea of your company or product. Customers will definitely notice the change and might be more interested in your product. But, as it’s often the case, a new corporate identity and logo design may deliver the wrong message, and your business will suffer damages. Compare the best and worst examples of  logo redesign. What do you think went wrong with the worse ones?  There is a thin line between successful and disastrous redesign.
Consider these points if your do not want to cross this line.
  1. First of all, think if you really need to redesign logo of a well-known brand. Are you going to change the strategy of your company? If not, a new logo design may simply distract and confuse your devoted customers.
  2. Your target audience will determine the style of the new logo: conservative or modern, classical or sophisticated – it will depend on your target clients.
  3. Be sure to preserve recognizable elements of your brand – the details that are the most effective – when creating a new logo design.
  4. Think of your options: logo update vs. logo redesign.
  5. And, finally, remember that a logo redesign is not a way out if your website is not interesting and obsolete. Visitors will hardly ever want to return to it if it is not informative, updated and well-designed. If it is too daunting, then a website development company can do it for you. Website development, Search Engine Optimization and website support are not empty words anyway.