Talking with Clients Properly…

Talking with Clients Properly…

Communication is an important means of “building bridges” between a web designer and his clients. Learning how to carry out a compelling conversation with your clients, and especially a non-tech-savvy client is a crucial skill that all freelance web designers should possess.

Today, we are going to analyze some strategies for how to talk with your clients effectively.

1)  Defining the starting point.

Before you start explaining the situation to your client, try to determine his starting knowledge, that is how profound his knowledge of web jargon is and how many specialized terms you will have to explain. Questions like “What operating system do you use?”, “Do you use Adobe Photoshop or any other image editing software?” or “What is your preferred web browser?” will help you define that starting point.

2)  Don’t underestimate your clients’ knowledge.

If you see that your prospective client knows quite a lot about the industry, be careful not to offend him by too much patronizing and demonstrating your superiority. It is not only unprofessional but also unethical.

3) Let the interview flow slowly and in a simple manner.

There is no need to explain every single detail of the project – this will definitely be tiresome for a non-tech savvy client. Focus of why you are going to take some steps and how your client will benefit from it. Speak in plain language, provide examples, keep the conversation simple and slow – over-the-top explanations will basically overwhelm your client.

4) Be results-oriented.

This was partially mentioned above. Explain why you are doing something and talk in terms of results – believe us that your client will listen attentively and appreciate what you’re doing for him and his business.

5) Don’t be the only one to ask.

Encourage your clients to ask questions on the matter. A freelance web designer should always be willing to answer his clients’ questions no matter how simple or naïve, obvious or complicated they might be. If you’ve noticed some confusion in the faces of your interlocutor, be sure to ask if they need additional explanation. If you’re writing via email, don’t forget to tell that you’re “happy to answer any question that you may have”. However, if you’ve heard some tricky question, don’t pretend that you know everything; just admit that you will be able to find the solution later after more detailed consideration. Honesty is the best policy!

6) Opt for writing and sharing resources.

People who are not experts in the IT industry like having explanations in writing since they can re-read them several times to get the gist of the project you are offering them. That’s make sure you can provide informative manuals and guides for your clients.

Follow these tips when talking to your clients! We hope that by doing this you will not have your efforts lost; and the interview will turn into beneficial cooperation!