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Using Twitter for Website Promotion

Twitter is sometimes referred to as a “micro-blogging” system. With 140 or less characters one can send messages informing about various events. Using Twitter for website promotion is not a new idea since social media have become an indispensable part of current online marketing.

But when talking about your promotion campaign, the success of your Twitter messages (tweets) depends on whether anyone pays attention to what you say. Top twitterers have huge crowds of followers that hang on every word. Often, followers can bring you more attention by re-tweeting your messages—that is, sending out your message to their followers. Continue reading

The Best Social Sites for Internet Marketing

We believe that every commercial website owner would like to know the list of Top Social Sites to develop a successful e-commerce strategy. The choice of the right social sites to advertise your business can be a daunting task, but in the end it’s what determines the growth and website promotion.
Social media play the role of an online equivalent of traditional advertising. Previously, traditional tools used to promote business were advertisements, television commercials, radio adverts and billboards. Nowadays, these are superseded by tweets and articles, blog posts and press releases, viral marketing and video marketing. Continue reading

An E-Commerce Website: What a Customer Wants…

If you tried to google something like the question above in the search engine, then you are obviously interested in the latest techniques of website promotion. Or… you do own an e-commerce website, but you somehow fail to benefit from it. It’s a sad situation anyway.
But, once you’ve asked “What a customer wants from an e-commerce website?”, be ready to ask more questions about the functionality of your website. Continue reading