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Plumrocket Blog Celebrates Its 1st Anniversary

It’s been a year since we launched Plumrocket Blog. September 2011 was the birth month of our blog. Technically, the first posts appeared in May 2011 after the website itself was redesigned. But in September 2011 we started posting weekly … and kept informing and entertaining our visitors ever since.

As you probably know, the IT areas we deal with are e-Commerce, Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Web design, Web hosting, Website Development etc. You may want to ask us ‘Why?’ – ‘Why are we doing this?’ Continue reading

Getting Closer to Your Customers – Making a Personal Website

We all live in the time of huge corporations easily recognizable on both sides of the Atlantics. They offer all the range of goods that a person can only dream of – from electronics to household goods. But when it comes to personal life, more and more users are inclined to work with a small business.

That is why you should consider giving your customers the feeling of comfort and trust they could only find being with their closest friend.

So, how to make your website seem more personal? Continue reading

Web Design Trends 2011/2012 Part #1

Web design trends come and go. It’s difficult to predict the future of web design, but still there are some changes that are worth talking about. Here we will tell you about current web design trends and explain the very concept behind each trend.

1. The first trend that we have noticed is the priority of a website’s functionality over its graphics. Beautiful design seems to be insufficient any more. Think of the connection between design and virtual reality of your website. Enchant your visitors by using harmonious color scheme and intuitive design together with easily accessible information available to both desktop/laptop browsers, as well as smart phone and tablet browsers. Continue reading

Free Templates vs. Custom-Designed Websites

When you are starting your online business you want to make it stand out from the crowd.

Today we’ll try to find out whether it’s better to use a free template or a custom-designed website for your business project.

If you have no web design or web development skills you can build a website using a free website template. It’s not a bad solution: you can save time and money, enjoy huge choice and get a certain level of functionality and navigation necessary to run a website. But there are some points to consider when dealing with free templates. Continue reading