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Why You Should Use Icons in Website Design

Icons are quite widely used in web design since they can clearly communicate a message to those who see it. Besides, it is a great way to encourage visitors to a website to browse and read the site. Perhaps you are familiar with the concept: first, users scan a website, and then they start reading it. That’s why using icons in website design can also be a great tool for grasping your readers’ attention. But this is only one way how you can benefit from the use of icons. Let’s find out the rest of reason why you should start using then in your website design. Continue reading

Web Design Tips: Designing a Better Contact Page

There have been numerous posts devoted to website design, navigation and layout matters. But what about the contact page? Is it doomed to be a boring static page with no appeal to all the visitors to your website? Or, can it be improved if paid special attention to? Let’s find out whether it is possible to change this situation.

Actually, the contact page is one of the most important pages you can fill your website with. Without a contact page, customers are not able to request your services, nor can they ask you questions about the goods you have to offer. That’s why you should do your best to increase the effectiveness of your contact page. Continue reading

Web Design: How to Deal with a Dissatisfied Client?

Any web designer likes getting positive response to his work. Design requires creativity, hard work, persistence and efficiency. No wonder, the author of the project expects some recognition. But, picture the situation when you client is dissatisfied with the result – what would you do then?

Today we will share a few tips how to handle the problem.

The first thing you should do is … to calm down. Don’t panic; don’t get nervous no matter how hard it is. Getting a negative feedback is far from being pleasant, but you should always remember that when it comes to business, emotions should be left apart. So, cool down before you start acting. Continue reading

Considering the Use of Stock Photos in Web Design

Stock photos may be key design resources, but they are also prone to design abuse. Today, we will try to find out what the pros and cons of using stock photos in web design are.

Bloggers use stock photos in order to illustrate abstract concepts they are writing about. Another reason to use such pictures is to break the monotony between the passages of text.

Another category of people who use stock pictures is both newbies and experienced users who need a recognizable image to put a face on their websites, who just need a cover page for a newsletter, or just the photo on their slideshow presentation. Stock photos are convenient resources since they can immediately illicit a desired human response from the target audience. Continue reading

Typical SEO Mistakes and a Little Something More…

Every now and then we can hear the question “Why my website doesn’t work?”. And it is a pity to hear these desperate appeals from beginning website owners. No wonder they are frustrated – they’ve paid for the business idea (or, hopefully, they made it up themselves), web hosting, web development, web design, they worked with photographers and marketers… and got nothing in the end: no traffic, to visitors, no customers, no return of expenses via PPC Ads. Anyone would feel desperate in this situation.

But now it’s time to stop moaning and start acting. Continue reading