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Colors in Web Design: Where Purple Works!

Color is an essential part of design. Web designers should keep in mind that every color has its symbolism and is capable of stirring different emotions in visitors to a website.

You, probably know that there are cool, warm and neutral colors; that green is associated with health, growth and wealth, and sometimes it signifies spring, renewal, and fertility, as well as, jealousy or inexperience. Black represents power, elegance, and sophistication… Every color has something more behind it – this is what they call color theory.

There are many works describing the basics of color theory, and its implementation in web design and even in internet marketing. Continue reading

The Most Creative Packaging Design for Your Inspiration

It seems that packaging design has evolved into something more than just a box for products with a brand name on it. Today it is a new art trend. Designers’ imagination can only make you wonder what the source of their inspiration is. Simple and sophisticated, hi-tech and intentionally antiquated modern packages will never leave you indifferent.

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An Insight into Responsive Web Design

Mobile web has set up new standards for web designers and developers. The new generation of web design is Responsive Web Design. It is supposed to be compatible with desktop computers and notebooks as well as smart devices like iPods, iPads, i-phones, tablets, net books, etc. Since more and more users use their smartphones to access the Internet website owners want their websites to be available from such devices too, in order to increase both reach and range.

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A Web Designer to the Backbone

Plumrocket Inc. is starting a series of posts about famous web designers. Design itself is an art form. And design in the Web is a powerful tool which needs a skillful master to start working. Today we want to tell you about Doug Bowman who used to be Google’s Visual Design Lead. More than two years ago he left the company to join Twitter..

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