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Retro and Vintage – a Web Design Trend 2012

What’s old is new again. The retro style is a huge trend right now. Nowadays, retro and vintage trends can be seen in a variety of stylish web sites. The retro elements in modern web design are subtle but clearly defined: the air of old times is felt in old-fashioned typography in a logo, a light pastel color scheme, and the use of vintage patterned frames around pictures.

Many designers draw inspiration from the glorious times saying ‘Retro is back; actually, it never left!’ We can only add that retro is an extremely powerful tool of design and it has always been in style! Continue reading

Web Design Trends 2012: Using Rich Textures

We have already told you that one of the Web Design Trends 2012 is using textures.

Textures are used in every sort of design. Nowadays you can see splendid textures used in business cards, mobile applications and definitely in website designs. Appropriately used texture can help you achieve brilliant results by creating realistic and detailed feel of web design. There exist minimalist, clean, subtle and grunge, each of them serving its purpose. Some people believe that the use of textures is characteristic of grunge designs, but here at Plumrocket.com we are sure that any web design can be enriched by means of appropriates textures. This is because textures can both add visual interest to minimalist design, and that extra bit of detail that really makes an impressive design. Continue reading