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On the Use of Black and White Images in Web Design

You have probably noticed that many websites use high quality colorful images in their design. They are exciting indeed and they attract and encourage browsing the website for more details. But what about black and white color solutions? Do they work for an effective website design? We feel like investigating this problem. Interested?
Well, the reasons why using black and white design is good for your website are as follows: Continue reading

Plumrocket Blog Celebrates Its 1st Anniversary

It’s been a year since we launched Plumrocket Blog. September 2011 was the birth month of our blog. Technically, the first posts appeared in May 2011 after the website itself was redesigned. But in September 2011 we started posting weekly … and kept informing and entertaining our visitors ever since.

As you probably know, the IT areas we deal with are e-Commerce, Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Web design, Web hosting, Website Development etc. You may want to ask us ‘Why?’ – ‘Why are we doing this?’ Continue reading

Getting Closer to Your Customers – Making a Personal Website

We all live in the time of huge corporations easily recognizable on both sides of the Atlantics. They offer all the range of goods that a person can only dream of – from electronics to household goods. But when it comes to personal life, more and more users are inclined to work with a small business.

That is why you should consider giving your customers the feeling of comfort and trust they could only find being with their closest friend.

So, how to make your website seem more personal? Continue reading

7 Secrets of a Good Website Layout

A good website layout is like a building plan. If you fail to cope with it, both you and your client will be dissatisfied.

Today, we would like to show you that a good layout presupposes good design, branding, readability, smart usability and, of course aesthetic appeal.

The elements of a website should not be scattered all over the page. They should be properly arranged to be both pleasant to look at and read.

So what are the secrets of a good website layout? Continue reading

Web Design: How to Deal with a Dissatisfied Client?

Any web designer likes getting positive response to his work. Design requires creativity, hard work, persistence and efficiency. No wonder, the author of the project expects some recognition. But, picture the situation when you client is dissatisfied with the result – what would you do then?

Today we will share a few tips how to handle the problem.

The first thing you should do is … to calm down. Don’t panic; don’t get nervous no matter how hard it is. Getting a negative feedback is far from being pleasant, but you should always remember that when it comes to business, emotions should be left apart. So, cool down before you start acting. Continue reading

Tips in Designing a Single Page Website

If you have chosen to have a single page website to present your company, you have to be sure to follow some rules that will make your website both successful and effective.

With a single page only a website is, to some extent, limited, as well as the options a web designer can use. But, at the same time, developing a single page website is a challenging task since you will have to make unique designs, photos, good color combinations, etc. work for you.

Today, we would like to give you a few tips on how to design an effective single page website. Continue reading

Considering the Use of Stock Photos in Web Design

Stock photos may be key design resources, but they are also prone to design abuse. Today, we will try to find out what the pros and cons of using stock photos in web design are.

Bloggers use stock photos in order to illustrate abstract concepts they are writing about. Another reason to use such pictures is to break the monotony between the passages of text.

Another category of people who use stock pictures is both newbies and experienced users who need a recognizable image to put a face on their websites, who just need a cover page for a newsletter, or just the photo on their slideshow presentation. Stock photos are convenient resources since they can immediately illicit a desired human response from the target audience. Continue reading

Web Design: In Search for Inspiration

Web design requires a creative type of personality. You have to be able to see that something special everywhere; you must have that sixth feeling to make you projects unique and impressive.

A good designer is a creative designer. But what should you do if instead of dozens of new ideas your mind produces only copies of what you have previously done or seen. In other words, what should you do to revive creativity inside of you?

If you want to know how to stimulate your brain, follow our tips! Continue reading

How to Avoid Common Mistakes in Web design

We have already covered several topics dealing with efficient websites. Today we’d like to focus on another aspect of a good website: proficient design. There are lots of tips on what makes a good website design, but we want to attract your attention to common web design mistakes and ways to avoid them.

1. First, don’t forget the key feature of any website – its purpose. Let the design make it clear immediately. In such a fast-paced environment as the internet people usually spend seconds visiting new websites in search of information or services. That’s why if your website design provides a distorted nature of your business, you are going to loose many potential customers. Your home or landing page must be ultimately clear as for the services you have to offer. Continue reading