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Promotion Campaign Is not Working: What Is Wrong?

Running promotion campaigns is undoubtedly a great marketing tool. It is the fastest and the easiest way to attract visitors’ attention to your site and special offers you’ve prepared. There are many types of promotion campaigns: you can offer percentage-off coupons, limited time deals, use buy more/save more approach and offer some freebies.  You can use different ways to distribute your promotion campaigns, like banners, social media channels and sending promotional e-mails. But what should you do if all these means do not give you the expected result? In other words, what should you do if people do not subscribe after they have seen your promotion page? Continue reading

The Best Tips for an Effective Coming Soon Page

Many website owners use coming soon pages to inform the readers that their site is expected to appear online.  Coming soon pages are usually used just when the site is about to be finally launched. Thus, still having your website in the process of designing, you can already establish its identity and the audience you aim at. Actually, it is the first step to make your website a success. So, let’s find out what should be paid special attention to when designing a great coming soon page. Continue reading

Why Should Small Business Websites Start Blogging?

There are many points to consider if you are planning to start blogging, but the first thing you should remember is that having blog for a small business website is the key to achieve industry awareness and credibility. Besides, it will help you attract new business and employees, media coverage, more opportunities and many other benefits.

Let’s analyze how you can benefit from blogging and social media. Continue reading