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Is Your Magento Site Ready for Google AMP?

Google announced on August 02, 2016 that it is expanding the scope of its Accelerated Mobile Pages program to include all sites, including E-commerce websites.

Is Your Magento Site Ready for AMP?

Ready or not, it’s coming to Google search results, and it’s arriving in a big way!

Read Why Google AMP is Important for your Magento Store:

At the very least, ecommerce sites should make sure their content pages are AMP-ready. Read more>>


Google’s AMP wins, hands-down, as a place to share mobile optimized content easily and quickly. Read more>>


…Create mobile optimized content once and have it load instantly everywhere.

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Any website that uses AMP will see faster load times. Read more>>


Today we’re sharing an early preview of our expanded AMP support across the entire search results page –not just the “Top stories” section. Read more>>

Google webmasters

Sites that follow these specifications to the letter will receive special treatment from Google. Starting this week, AMP-optimized new stories now appear at the top of Google’s mobile search results. Read more>>


There are already over 150 million AMP documents from over 650,000 domains in Google’s index. Read more>>


AMP helps the Washington Post increase returning users from mobile search by 23%. Read more>>

AMP Project

Accelerated Mobile Pages Magento Extension

Why Should Small Business Websites Start Blogging?

There are many points to consider if you are planning to start blogging, but the first thing you should remember is that having blog for a small business website is the key to achieve industry awareness and credibility. Besides, it will help you attract new business and employees, media coverage, more opportunities and many other benefits.

Let’s analyze how you can benefit from blogging and social media. Continue reading

Must-Attend New York Conferences in 2012: SEO, SEM, Web Design and Development

Now that 2011 is over it is high time to schedule your plans for the future. Here we present you a list of conferences in SEO, SEM, web design and development that are expected to expand the horizons of what you already know in the industry.

  • Hurry up to register for the ‘Web Visions NYC’ workshops and sessions provided by leading web, mobile and strategy experts in New York until the 15th of January 2012. Continue reading

Typical SEO Mistakes and a Little Something More…

Every now and then we can hear the question “Why my website doesn’t work?”. And it is a pity to hear these desperate appeals from beginning website owners. No wonder they are frustrated – they’ve paid for the business idea (or, hopefully, they made it up themselves), web hosting, web development, web design, they worked with photographers and marketers… and got nothing in the end: no traffic, to visitors, no customers, no return of expenses via PPC Ads. Anyone would feel desperate in this situation.

But now it’s time to stop moaning and start acting. Continue reading

Using the Potential of Social Media Networks for Your Online Business

Did you know that nine out of ten visitors seek information using search engines? Did you know that eight out of ten visitors don’t bother to move past the first page of search results? And finally, do you understand the difficult it takes to get to the top page of search engine ranks as well as make a visitor buy your products? A well formed website is half the battle – you also have to make people visit your website.

If you have some experience in e-commerce, you probably know about the necessity of Search Engine Optimization. But today we will tell you about another marketing strategy to increase the sales. It is Social Media Marketing. Continue reading