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7 Secrets of a Good Website Layout

A good website layout is like a building plan. If you fail to cope with it, both you and your client will be dissatisfied.

Today, we would like to show you that a good layout presupposes good design, branding, readability, smart usability and, of course aesthetic appeal.

The elements of a website should not be scattered all over the page. They should be properly arranged to be both pleasant to look at and read.

So what are the secrets of a good website layout? Continue reading

SEO Tips: Don’t Underestimate Internal Linking

Sometimes even the most proficient SEO experts underestimate internal linking, not to say about beginners in the field who basically get consumed in the keywords forgetting that internal links are a key factor of SEO effectiveness. Not only visitors to a website like having internal links on the page, but also search engines make good use of them and consequently increase your ranking.

Internal links are like a roadmap of your site. Don’t you want both search engine spiders and website visitors see all the interesting “sights” that are there on your website? Continue reading