To be or not to be a web host…

To be or not to be a web host…

If you are deciding to start your own web hosting business there are some points you should carefully consider:

1) First of all, remember that just like any other business web hosting can fail in its first year. If you have enough start-up capital to pay your employees and the bills to stay afloat during the first year, you can try it.

2) Be ready to work 24/7, since this is how the Internet works. Site owners want to have their websites up 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. If there are problems with their web host (basically, with you), they will call you to complain. And to meet their need and requirements you will very often have to work overtime. That’s why time management is a must-have skill for you here.

3) You should also consider whether you are going to be a reseller web host, or provide the hosting space yourself. You will have to deal with the hardware suppliers whose workers and products might be less reliable than you would expect.

4) Get ready to develop the skills of an IT person, a website designer, a salesman, a marketer, a bookkeeper, a trainer, a purchaser, a quality control person, a customer support agent and many others if you want to cope with the task of keeping a web hosting company on your own. Of course, you can hire staff to do it for you, but the more employees you hire the higher salary costs you’ll have to cover.

5) If you seriously intend to make your business more than just a hobby, work out a long-term strategy to promote your business. Think how you are going to get income for your services. Make sure you know what web hosting packages you should offer, how much to charge your clients and how to deal with advertisers to get a profit.

6) Be ready to try new things. Actually, competition will make you do this. There are lots of web hosts in the Internet, and if you want to hold this ground, you will have to adapt to this changing field. You will have to stand out, to make a positive impression on you prospective customers, and to offer more advantageous services.

These are the main reasons why you should think twice before starting a web host career. But if the information given above did not discourage you, we can only wish you lots of luck in your goal.