A Squeeze Page as a Marketing Tool

A Squeeze Page as a Marketing Tool

What is a squeeze page? What are its features and functions? Why do you need them in your site? These are the questions we are going to discuss in today’s post.

To begin with definition, a squeeze page is a more powerful form of the traditional landing page that is aimed at selling a single product using a single web page and/or collecting email addresses from prospective subscribers. Therefore, there are several types of squeeze pages including lead capture pages, opt-in pages, sign-up pages and subscription pages.

The main task of a squeeze page is to offer something so enticing, that visitors find the offer irresistible and sign up. It is a great way to start relationships with your site visitors. The reasons why you should consider using squeeze pages are as follows:

  • After users leave their contact info your site will not be a stranger to them anymore;
  • You will be able to build a list of clients and launch email campaigns;
  • You will be able to inform your subscribers about the latest company news and discount offers;
  • As a result, you will increase the overall conversions rate.

As a rule, a successful squeeze page consists of:

  1. An eye-catching headline
  2. Professional/well-written content that sells
  3. Impressive and appealing graphics
  4. Sales video (optional)
  5. A call to action
  6. Form for lead capture
  7. Thank you page

As you can see, there is nothing unusual or difficult about this marketing technique. You will have to get a skilful designer and a creative content writer, of course, but the return on investment is worth the expenditure. You can also use special software developed to build lots of high-converting targeted squeeze pages. For instance, this flexible and up-to-date Pop-up login extension is and easy-to-use plugin aimed at increasing the number of user registrations.

And what do you think about the effectiveness of squeeze pages? Feel free to leave your comments below.