Tips in Designing a Single Page Website

Tips in Designing a Single Page Website

If you have chosen to have a single page website to present your company, you have to be sure to follow some rules that will make your website both successful and effective.

With a single page only a website is, to some extent, limited, as well as the options a web designer can use. But, at the same time, developing a single page website is a challenging task since you will have to make unique designs, photos, good color combinations, etc. work for you.

Today, we would like to give you a few tips on how to design an effective single page website.

  1. Know the purpose of your website. Understanding the purpose will help you design the right website. A website for advertisements and the one to promote your design works are definitely different tasks for a web designer.
  2. Don’t forget about the fundamental rules in web designing. A single-page website should be complete, that is, it should contain all the key elements of a web page. Be sure to provide smart usability and accessibility too.
  3. Be straight to the point – have a clear message. It is very important to send the right message to the readers. As a rule, people would not like wasting their time trying to guess what it’s all about. Remember, you have limited space with one page only… but you have a limited time period to grab your visitors’ attention too.
  4. Provide a logical structure. You will have to determine the thing that needs to be emphasized on the page, and the elements that will support the key object. This will help the visitors to your website clearly understand the message you are trying to convey. If you are interested in visitors’ response, make sure there are both contact information and social media plug-ins on your website.
  5. Have an interesting layout. You should be even more creative designing a single page websites! Interesting layout can quickly capture the attention of the target audience – that’s why use this tool to increase the number of visitors: a clear message, unusual layout, smart navigation the right color combinations and readable fonts can attract many readers.
  6. Make your website interactive. To make the website look more vivid you can add some transitions or animations. Let it appear like a dynamic website that can interact with the readers. This will give it life and you will succeed to get the attention you want.
  7. Don’t be too zealous – make your website look neat. Designing a single-page website is like going on thin ice – you should always have the sense of harmony not to make it gaudy. Everything should be properly and neatly arranged. This will make your website look professional. Here you will find examples of outstanding single-page websites.

Please, let us know if you find these tips useful in the comments below.